The Geographical Journal, Volume 15

Front Cover
John Scott Keltie
Royal Geographical Society., 1900 - Geography
Includes the Proceedings of the Royal Geographical Society, formerly published separately.

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Page 308 - I am directed by the Lords Commissioners of Her Majesty's Treasury to acquaint you that my Lords are...
Page 74 - Rawson, at the advanced age of eightyeight years, the Society has lost one of its oldest and most valued members.
Page 656 - Tables relating to the Output of Coal and other Minerals and the number of persons employed at mines worked under the Coal and Metalliferous Mines Regulation Acts during the Year 1899.
Page 33 - I was engaged at that time with my service, and did not then see my way to disclose my ideas, but I made some preliminary preparations. I wrote to Dr. Nansen a letter, in which I stated that I was entirely of his opinion, that he would be carried by the currents somewhere in the direction he imagined, and advised him that help should be sent for him to Franz Josef Land. My letter to him and his answer were duly published in the Russian newspapers and in geographical publications.
Page 657 - Report of the Expeditions organized by the British Astronomical Association to observe the total Solar Eclipse of 1898, January 22.
Page 124 - Sound, as commentators generally assume. " Now, having the wind at north-north-east, we steered away south and by east, with purpose to fall with the southermost part of this land, which we saw ; hoping by this meane, either to defray the charge of the voyage [? by discovery], or else, if it pleased God in time to give us a faire wind to the north-east, to satisfie expectation.
Page 57 - Dickson a'so contributed a paper on the temperature and salinity of the surface water of the North Atlantic during 1896 and 1897.
Page 548 - SOUTH AMERICA AND PACIFIC OCEAN. South America Pilot, part 1. East coast of South America, from cape St. Roque to cape Virgins, with the Falkland, South Georgia, Sandwich, and South Shetland islands ; also the north coast from cape St. Roque to cape Orange, in...
Page 197 - Report on the geology of the area covered by the Seine River and Lake Shebandowan map sheets, comprising portions of Rainy River and Thunder Bay districts, Ontario.
Page 127 - On the norther side of the mouth of this inlet lie three ilands [really blocks of mountains divided by valleys, which would look like islands from the distance (10 leagues) they were from land], not farre the one from the other, being very high mountainous land. The farthest of the three to the north-west [ie the block of the sea-front just south of the entrance to Ice fiord] hath four very high mounts [Mount Starashchin], like heapes of corne.

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