The Geographical Journal, Volume 16

Front Cover
John Scott Keltie
Royal Geographical Society., 1900 - Geography
Includes the Proceedings of the Royal Geographical Society, formerly published separately.

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Page iv - Every Ordinary Fellow shall, on his election, be required to pay £5 as his " admission fee, and £2 as his first annual subscription, or he may compound, " either at his entrance by one payment of £35, or at any subsequent period on the " following basis :— Fellows of 20 years
Page iv - CONDITIONS OF FELLOWSHIP, &c. Candidates for admission into the Society must be proposed and seconded by Fellows, and it is necessary that the description and residence of such Candidates should be clearly stated on their Certificates. It is provided by Chapter IV., § 1, of the Kegulations, that— " Every Ordinary Fellow shall, on his election, be required to pay
Page 169 - and, judging from the twenty to thirty specimens I saw, very consistent. Their face, body, and limbs are covered with wiry hair, and the hang of the long powerful arms, the slight stoop of the trunk, and the hunted, vacant expression of the face made up a tout ensemble that was a terrible pictorial proof of Darwinism. The pigmies are of
Page 451 - than full a hundred leagues, I meant to cut a channel to them both, That men might quickly sail to India.
Page 173 - the new-comers tearing off lumps of meat and swallowing them raw, the earlier arrivals defending great lumps of offal and other delicacies, while others were crawling in and out of the intestines like so many prairie marmots. Old men, young men, prehistoric hags, babies, one and all gorging or gorged, smearing themselves with blood,
Page 173 - terribly from the effects of the long drought, looked upon me as a great institution, and swarmed down in hundreds for the meat. A weird sight it was. Stark naked savages, with long greased plaits of hair hanging down to their shoulders, were perched on every available inch of the carcase, hacking away with knives and spears, yelling,
Page 379 - which, I believe, will live in the memory of my staff and myself, as we slowly moved towards the low beach whereon man had never attempted to live before. At 11 pm, for the first time in the world's history, an anchor fell at the last terra incognita on the globe.
Page 246 - Forbes. On a collection of Stone Implements in the Mayer Museum, made by Mr. HW Seton-Karr, in Mines of the Ancient Egyptians discovered by him on the plateaux of the Nile
Page 627 - a chart, so that he might show it to the king ; at all of which I •was present (in quibus omnibus interfui)." The same voyage is referred to in a second " note " discovered in the margin of the ' Historia rerum ubique gestarum
Page 615 - or pillars of stone,ĦĦ on an exploring voyage. Up to his time the Portuguese had been content to erect perishable wooden crosses, or to carve inscriptions into trees, to mark the progress of their discoveries. King John conceived the happy idea of introducing stone pillars, surmounted by a cross, and bearing, in

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