The Geographical Journal, Volume 16

Front Cover
John Scott Keltie
Royal Geographical Society., 1900 - Geography
Includes the Proceedings of the Royal Geographical Society, formerly published separately.

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Page 449 - I into Egypt and Arabia, And here, not far from Alexandria, Whereas the Terrene and the Red Sea meet, Being distant less than full a hundred • leagues, I meant to cut a channel to them both, ! That men might quickly sail to India.
Page 24 - This is not the place to give a detailed account of the Lucretian principles and procedure.
Page 577 - The Glacial Gravels of Maine and their Associated Deposits, by George H.
Page 173 - Their type is totally distinct from the other peoples, and, judging from the twenty to thirty specimens I saw, very consistent. Their face, body, and limbs are covered with wiry hair, and the hang of the long, powerful arms, the slight stoop of the trunk, and the hunted, vacant expression of the face made up a tout ensemble that was a terrible pictorial proof of Darwinism.
Page 250 - FILIPPO De. The Ascent of Mount St. Elias (Alaska). By HRH Prince LUIGI AMEDEO Di SAVOIA, Duke of the Abruzzi. Narrated by FILIPPO DE FILIPPI. Illustrated by VITTORIA SELLA, and Translated by SIGNORA LINDA VILLARI.
Page 698 - Historical Atlas of Modern Europe, from the decline of the Roman Empire. Comprising also Maps of parts of Asia and of the New World connected with European history.
Page 483 - Catalogue of a Collection of Objects illustrating the folklore of Mexico. By Frederick Starr.
Page 442 - ... disciplined some races to hardiness and strenuous industry, accompanied by keen commercial activity, which is itself both a result of increasing population and the cause of still greater overcrowding. Then we see other people at first sight more happily circumstanced. With them the struggle to live is less ferocious, their food is found with little toil. But we perceive that the outcome of generations of Nature's favouritism has been to leave them less forceful and less ingenious in the never-ending...
Page 134 - THE STATESMAN'S YEAR BOOK Statistical and Historical Annual of the States of the World for the Year 1905.
Page 351 - ... than any other tropical area. Highways, bridle-paths, and railways intersect the land in various directions, to say nothing of the coast-cliffs Hence there is no lack of geological sections, and the author has had great advantages over those who preceded him. He remarks that the earlier researches " failed to solve the essential problems of the succession and age of the strata," and that the literature of no other region, especially that relating to palaeontology, " presents so many erroneous...

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