The Geopolitics Reader

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Gearóid Ó Tuathail, Simon Dalby, Paul Routledge
Routledge, 2006 - Architecture - 302 pages

This extensively revised second edition of The Geopolitics Reader draws together the most influential and significant geopolitical readings from the last hundred years. A compendium of divergent viewpoints of global conflict and change, it includes readings from Halford Mackinder, Theodore Roosevelt, Adolf Hitler, George Kennan, Samuel Huntington, Edward Said, Osama Bin Laden and American neoconservatives. It draws on the most illuminating examples of imperial, Cold War and contemporary geopolitics, as well as new environmental themes, global dangers and multiple resistances to the practices of geopolitics.

Whilst retaining a coherent five part structure, the selection of readings has been updated to account for recent developments in the critical study of geopolitics and the post 9/11 geopolitical landscape (including issues in technoscience, biowarfare, oil politics, and terrorism), and key questions address issues of the transformed nature of threats in the new millennium, the debate over the hegemonic position of the US, and non-American perspectives on contemporary geopolitics.

Skilfully guiding the reader through the divergent viewpoints of global conflict and change, the editors, all leading geopolitical authorities, provide comprehensive introductions and critical commentaries at the start of each section. Illustrated with provocative cartoons, this second edition of The Geopolitics Reader is the ideal textbook for introductory classes on international relations, world politics, political geography and, of course, geopolitics, provoking lively discussion of how questions of discourse and power are at the centre of the critical study of geopolitics.

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'Geopolitik Pakistan' by Nadir Mir
Brief of Book, ‘Geopolitik Pakistan’
2013 - 283 pages
This book has been authored by Brigadier Nadir Mir (R). His first book was ‘Gwadar on the Global Chessboard’ which has greatly contributed to rekindle the Gwadar Project.
The author Brigadier Nadir Mir has written articles on Geopolitics, which have been published in Pravda ru (Moscow), China Daily (Beijing), EU Times, The Nation Pakistan and many think tanks.
This book introduces the subject of Geopolitks from Pakistani point of view. Pakistan’s Weltanschauung or world view is the abiding theme rather than foreign imported concepts and ideas.
Geopolitik, in this book is a combination of National Security Policy and Foreign Policy.
It commences with an appraisal of Global Geopolitikal environment which is heading towards a Non Polar World rather than an imminent Multi Polar World. The critical importance of Geopolitiks for Pakistan and the subject’s evolution are discussed thread bare initially.
The Geopolitiks relating to Afghanistan, Pakistan – India’s Geopolitikal rivalry and likely India – China Cold War are dealt at length and convincingly.
Future Geopolitik 2013 – 2020 is an apt description of critical players in the global world. This is a facinating Geopolitikal world tour.
Aspects of Geo-Oceanic Politik and Geo-Demographic Politik, relationship of Politiks and Geopolitiks, Great Games and BRICS future are extremely well presented.
‘Geopolitks of Peace’ is the solution to the world’s problem. US – China amity is in global interest.
And lastly, the book is summed up in its Crux Chapter, to craft Geo-strategy and Geo-economics for Pakistan.
The book is very well researched, historical, geographical but also futuristic. Propagates Pakistan’s new National Security Narrative and Foreign Policy which projects Pakistan’s National Cause. While suggesting peace with India, Indian hegemony is to be resisted and Kashmir remains central to Pakistan’s Cause.
The author, Nadir Mir, as a pioneering Geopolitician has contributed immensely to the National Cause of Pakistan.

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