The Georgia Journal of Medicine and Surgery, Volume 7, Issue 2

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St. Joseph B. Graham, William Edward Fitch
1900 - Medicine

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Page xxiv - GENITOURINARY DISEASES. A Scientific Blending of True Santal and Saw Palmetto In a Pleasant Aromatic Vehicle. A Vitalizing Tonic to the Reproductive System. SPECIALLY VALUABLE IN PROSTATIC TROUBLES OF OLD MEN-IRRITABLE BLADDERCYSTITIS URETHRITIS PRE-SEN I LITY.
Page ix - THERAPEUTICS: With especial Reference to the Application of Remedial Measures to Disease and their Employment upon a Rational Basis. By Hobart Amory Hare, MD, Professor of Therapeutics and Materia Medica in the Jefferson Medical College of Philadelphia. With special chapters by Drs. GE de Schweinitz, Edward Martin and Barton C.
Page 125 - As to questions of deformity, skiagraphs alone, without expert surgical interpretation, are generally useless and frequently misleading. The appearance of deformity may be produced in any normal bone, and existing deformity may be grossly exaggerated. 4. It is not possible to distinguish after recent fractures between cases in which perfectly satisfactory callus has formed and cases which will go on to non-union. Neither can fibrous union be distinguished from union by callus in which lime-salts...
Page 84 - In rupture, immediate laparotomy, with removal of sac, contents and the effused blood. 4. In cases that have passed the sixth month, wait until viability is well established, and perform...
Page 124 - X-ray in cases of fracture is not at present of sufficient definite advantage to justify the teaching that it should be used in every case. If the surgeon is in doubt as to his diagnosis, he should make use of this as of every other available means to add to his knowledge of the case, but even then he should not forget the grave possibilities of misinterpretation. There is evidence that in competent hands plates may be made that will fail to reveal the presence of existing fractures or will appear...
Page 115 - ... is what the label says. It mixes with arsenious acid, forming a perfect solution, thus giving us a most useful hematopoietic agent. The soluble alkaloids are perfectly soluble in it, as is also mercuric chlorid.
Page xiv - ... intestinal mucous membrane. Gray's Glycerine Tonic Comp. accomplishes these objects in a surprisingly short time because its ingredients have a selective specific action upon the seat of inflammation. Administered early in ordinary forms of catarrhal enteritis it will frequently prevent the progressive development of the more severe and intractable forms of the disease. This remedy paves the way for the successful administration of intestinal astringents: it removes the foreign materials covering...
Page 106 - ... Medicine ; Dr. CA Wheaton of St. Paul, Minn,, the address in Surgery. The mere mention of these names is guarantee sufficient that the association will hear only the best. Negotiations are in progress by which the members of the association may obtain a onefare rate for the round trip for this meeting. The Southeastern Passenger Association has already granted this rate, and it is believed the Western and Central Passenger Associations will concur. Due notice of this will be sent later. It is...
Page 87 - What have been called abdominal pregnancies are clearly exceptional cases where primary tubal rupture at the end of the third month, has not proved fatal, where the extruded placenta has made for itself visceral attachments wherever it has touched, or where secondary rupture of a broad ligament cyst has converted an extra-peritoneal ectopic gestation into one within the peritoneal cavity.
Page 125 - The evidence as to X-ray burns seems to show that in the majority of cases they are easily and certainly preventable. The essential cause is still a matter of dispute. It seems not unlikely when the strange susceptibilities due to idiosyncrasy are remembered that in a small number of cases it may make a given individual especially liable to this form of injury.

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