The German Theatre, Band 1

Vernor and Hood, 1801
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Seite 5 - Ay, sure; who else, think you? Father's not such a fool. He says it is our bounden duty, as Christians, to take care of our money, and not give any thing away, especially in summer ; for then, says he, there's herbs and roots enough in conscience to satisfy all the reasonable hungry poor. But I say father's wrong, and Mrs.
Seite 19 - H. [Without attending to the compliment.] This lovely weather, then, has enticed the Count from the city ? Bar. Not exactly that. You know him. Sunshine or clouds are to him alike, as long as eternal summer reigns in his own heart and family. Mrs. H. The Count possesses a most cheerful and amiable philosophy. Ever in the same happy humour; 24 THE STRANGER.
Seite 55 - Sol. Not she herself, for she never drinks wine. But if any body be ill in the village, any poor woman lying-in, away goes a bottle of the...
Seite 57 - I wish to be alone. Sol. As your lordship commands. If the time should seem long in my absence, and your lordship wishes to hear the newest news from the seat of war, you need only send for old Solomon. I have letters from Leghorn, Cape Horn, and every known part of the habitable globe. [Exit, L.
Seite 5 - I live," says I. Fra. There you were very right. Did you carry him much money ? Pet. I don't know; I didn't count it. 'It was ir
Seite 3 - Fra. Charity begets gratitude. Stra. False! Fra. And blesses the giver more than the receiver. Stra. True. Fra. Well, sir. This countryman — Stra. Has he complained to you ? Fra. Yes. Stra. He, who is really unhappy, never complains.
Seite 32 - I look to heav'n for mercy, I speak from my heart. When I observe how you are doing good around you, how you are making every individual's wants your own, and are yet yourself unhappy, alas! my heart bleeds for you.
Seite 67 - I am happy that it is so. You shall not be without the power of gratifying your benevolence. I know you have a spirit that must shrink from a state of obligation. This paper, to which...
Seite 8 - ... five children only one son remained. This was blow upon blow. It was long before I regained my fortitude. At length, resignation and religion had their effect. I again attached myself to life. My son grew, and helped me in my work. Now the State has called him away to bear a musket. This is to me a loss indeed. I can work no more. I am old and weak ; and true it is, but for Mrs. Haller, I must have perished. Fra. Still, then, life has its charms for you ? Tab.
Seite 39 - Who wants a wife. Bar. No ; who has deliberately poised advantage against disadvantage; domestic ease and comfort against the false gaieties of fashion. I can withdraw into the country. I need no honours to make my tenants happy, and my heart will teach me to make their happiness my own. With such a wife as this, children who resemble her, and fortune enough to spread comfort around me, what would the soul of man have more > Countess.

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