The Ghost of Anna

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AuthorHouse, Aug 22, 2012 - Family & Relationships - 226 pages
This is in essense a ghost story, the old fashioned kind! but it does deal with other complex family issues! Sarah Jones was a 6 year old little girl living with her family in an old house, that was the family's home in the town of Bristol, the southwest of England, set in 1974 to end of 1984. You will follow Sarah's chilly haunting memories of a ghost of a little girl Anna and her father, through Sarah's eyes as her experiences from the age of 6 become more apparent with sinister intentions. Sarah and her family will learn of the dark secrets this house holds, unknowing that a evil presence wants this secret to stay hidden and will do whatever it takes to keep it that way! This is based on true events that happened to a family in an actual house! This is one of the first of three books, a trilogy. Second is a prequel to the first set in 1860 - 1880 and the third a sequel to the first set in 1985 - 2012

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About the author (2012)

I am a married mum with two boys and housewife. Born in the city of Bristol were I grew up in 1974, there I lived with my parents till the age of ten when my parents separated and I moved away with my mum, not far from the old family home, where my dad stayed for a couple more years then moved away himself. I went to Chester park infants school, Dr bells Junior school and Whitefield senior school, school was tough never really fitted in, being a shy and reserved child. After school I worked in Tesco and varies other jobs before travelling a little, then settled down, to be a mother and a wife. The book has been 23 years in the making waiting for the right time to tell this story! Before I was too young and unsettled trying to run away from my own demons. Now more settled and stronger to face this task in hand. I have had a lot of things happen in her personal life that gave me a wisdom of families how they behave and complex nature to trails and tribulations that family's go through. I myself had a complex family and complex life to boot. This gives a sensitive and understanding touch to the book. S. J. Groves was chosen rather than the full name in a sense giving the Author, myself, a air mystery about who is this Author and in a way wanting to give myself a stronger, saying goodbye to the self doubting old me and hopefully a stronger confident me, a bolder me! I am a thinker, a ponderer and has life skills through the experiences as a child growing up with difficult issues that followed me through my life. I also have a natural interest in the unknown and the unexplained. We all have view on it! The fear of the unknown! S. J. Groves is also a down to earth person with a wit and in turn with nature, loves country and coastal which inspires the mind. The book itself was at the time meant to only be the one book but now it has turned it into 3 books, the second is finished and third is in progress. The second is a prequel to the first in this we explore the personalities of the ghosts of Anna and her father, taking the story back in time when they were alive, set in 1860's - mid 1880's. This is a hypothetical life using one of the main characters of the first book Sarah Jones experiences and feelings of the house and the ghosts that lived there. It also ties in with what will be in the third book. In this we find out what tragic events might of happened to Anna and others at the hand of her evil father. There is also research done to give you the reader an insight to what it was like to live in those times and references to what Bristol was like back then and the area in which the story is based. The third will be a sequel to the first this we go back to Sarah Jones and her mum as they move away from the family home, set in 1985-2012 includes some of Sarah adult years until she was 36 when the haunting stopped. It gives a possible conclusion to her experiences along with other things that begin to happen to herself and her family. As Sarah will try to uncover the truth behind her old house, its dark past and the ghosts of Anna and her not so nice father. The haunting are not over yet for poor Sarah as you follow her journey into supernatural. I wanted the books to help other people who has experienced issues that will be raised in all 3 books as some of the subjects the books deal with are taboo or uncomfortable issues. Maybe inspire others to write or just not to let a troubled past or present damage a future that even a small voice can be heard by expressing yourself in other ways. Being strong is sometimes just about getting through the tough things in life and living to tell the tell, not letting demons of your past brake you, as they say what does not kill you makes you stronger! Maybe the books to be a talking point. Which it has already in one sense has as my youngest son, who is 8 years has started to write a book at school. My eldest who now is nearly 15 year wrote a poem when he was 8 and it is was published.

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