The Glory of the Living Sun

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Kessinger Publishing, 1 квіт. 2005 р. - 292 стор.
1935. A Worldwide Appeal to Replace Present Superstitious Creeds by Genuine Religion Which Must Be True, Rational, Universal, Exalting. What is truth? This book is a plain outspoken attempt to show that, while the answer to this question can never be more clearly or beautifully expressed than in the pure teaching of Jesus, yet it was, in the main, world-widely known thousands of years before he was born-that his version of it has, like himself, been woefully betrayed, denied, and forsaken by his professing followers, throughout the whole Christian ear-and that now, though hidden from the wise and understanding, it is fully confirmed by rational deductions from the most reliable scientific data of all kinds. Contents Part I-True, The Original Foundations of True Religion: A View of What is Commonly Called Genesis in True Form. Part II-Rational, False Religions; Reason versus Faith; True; Rational; Universal; Exalting; Part III-Universal, True Religion: A Gospel According to True; A Gospel According to What is Rational; A Gospel According to What is Universal; A Gospel According to What is Exalting; Part IV-Exalting, The Living Sun: True Revelation. Due to the age and scarcity of the original we reproduced, some pages may be spotty, faded or difficult to read.

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