The Gloucestershire directory, by R. Gell & T. Bradshaw

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Страница 25 - We the inhabitants, magistrates, officers, and soldiers, within this garrison of Gloucester, unto his majesty's gracious message return this humble answer : That we do keep this city, according to our oaths and allegiance, to and for the use of his majesty and his royal posterity : and do accordingly conceive ourselves wholly bound to obey the commands of his majesty, signified by both houses of parliament : and are resolved, by God's help, to keep this city accordingly.
Страница 21 - Massie and the principall officers, that they were resolved with their lives and fortunes to defend the city for the use of the king and parliament, and in no wise would surrender at the demand of a forraigne prince.
Страница 23 - College wall to the Priory of St. Oswald's : from the West towards the Southgate along the river side, no more defence than the river itself, and the meadows beyond, level with the town : from the Castle to the South Port, a firm and lofty work to command the high ground in the suburbs : the ditches narrow, but watered round. In this posture did the city stand, when the King's forces hovered over the hills, and now and then skirted on the town, before the close siege commenced.
Страница 24 - Prinknedge (Prink'nash) with Lady Bridgeman. On the same day Lord Chandos dined at Brockworth, at Lady Guise's, whereupon a party went out of the Northgate towards Barnwood, skirmished with the enemy, and did some execution among them, and amongst the rest, a little boy of Capt.
Страница 23 - ... under the colledge wall to the priory of St. Oswald's. From the west towards the south-gate along the river side, no more defence than the river itselfe, and the meadowes beyond levell with the town: from the castle to the south-port, a firme and lofty work to command the high ground in the suburbs. The ditches narrow, but watered round.
Страница 21 - A procession of friers and ecclesiastics, belonging to the parish churches, attended him from between the two bridges, and the Abbot and other members of the Monastery, at the church door. On the Sunday, the Abbot, wearing his mitre, sung high mass, and in procession. The sermon was preached by the Bishop of Worcester...
Страница 28 - Fleath ; and then the whole proceeded on the route to Gloucester. The Prince attacked them at Stow, on the fourth of September, with 4,000 horse, but the loss on both sides was nearly equal. On the 5th, Essex advancing to Presthury Hill, drew up his army in view of the city, and there discovered the huts in the King's camp, on fire, and the siege raised. " A warning piece was fired, but by reason of the contrary winds, the report was not heard, nor did the news reach the city that night." .A fortunate...
Страница 30 - ... directions for their march up the town ; and Backhouse himself was to wait at the gate, which he undertook to set open, if they came by nine o'clock, or within half an hour after. After the messenger was sent off, however, the ports were shut up round the city, trusty sentinels set, the Governor called a council of war, acquainted the officers with the plot, and gave orders that citizens and soldiers should that night continue in arms ; three pieces of ordnance were drawn to the Westgate, and...
Страница 40 - Old Severn. The course of it was from Longford Ham down Tweendike, round the east side of Meanham, skirting St. Oswald's Priory, where was once a quay, and proceeding to the Foreign Bridge into the present channel at the Quay.
Страница 23 - The works of a large compasse, not halfe perfect ; from the southgate eastward almost to the north port, the city was defended with an ancient wall lined with earth to a reasonable height; thence to the north-gate, with a slender work upon a low ground, having the advantage of a stone barn that commanded...