The God of Vengeance: Drama in Three Acts

Front Cover
Stratford Company, 1918 - 99 pages

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Page x - I was slave-driven until I cursed the day I ever heard of honest work. I was a good mother; and because I made my daughter a good woman she turns me out as if I was a leper. Oh, if I only had my life to live over again! I'd talk to that lying clergyman in the school. From this time forth, so help me Heaven in my last hour, I'll do wrong and nothing but wrong. And I'll prosper on it.
Page 84 - ... nobody like that and set up a house? For the kind of income that you get from a house these days, it certainly doesn't pay to get mixed up with no-goods like that. (Goes over to him, presses the earrings into his hand.) Here, you take this, and here's a hundred besides, and you tell me where Rivkele is. SHLOYME. What's true is true. You were once a good woman. (Winks to her.) Lately you got spoiled. But one thing has nothing to with another.
Page 18 - I don't want my home to mix with downstairs. (Points to the cellar.) My home must be kept apart from that place!
Page 63 - MANKE Then we come closer to one another, for we are bride and bridegroom, you and I. We embrace. (Places her arm around Rifkele.) Ever so tightly. And kiss, very softly. Like this. (Kisses Rifkele.) And we turn so red, — we're so bashful. It's nice, Rifkele, isn't it? RIFKELE Yes, Manke. . . Yes. MANKE, lowering her voice, and whispering into Rifkele
Page 14 - What 7 am, I am. (Points to his wife.) What she is, she is. . . It's all true, — everything.
Page 90 - There's someone coming. (To UNCLE.) I met Reb Elye. He went for the groom's father. (Looks around the room.) Looks like a tornado hit it. (Begins to clean up hastily.) UNCLE (notices RIVKELE, looks at her, approaches her, takes her gently by the hand and leads her to the table) . Don't be afraid. I won't hit you. (He sits down.) Sit down here next to me. (Pushes a chair over for her.) Sit down. RIVKELE (angry.
Page 59 - I'm afraid of my father. . He beat me. . . He locked the door. . . And hid the key near the Holy Scroll.
Page 95 - It was all right for mamma, wasn't it! And it was all right for you, wasn't it? I know all about it!
Page 37 - Rifkele goes over to her, walking cautiously backwards, beckoning to her as she does so. The room is fast growing dark.
Page 61 - I uncovered your breasts and washed them with the rainwater that trickled down my arms. Your breasts are so white and soft. And the blood in them cools under the touch, just like white snow, — like frozen water. . . and their fragrance is like the grass on the meadows. And I let down your hair so. . . (Runs her fingers through Rifkele' 's hair.) And I held them like this in the rain and washed them.

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