The God of Vengeance: Drama in Three Acts

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Stratford Company, 1918 - 99 pages

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Page x - From this time forth, so help me Heaven in my last hour, I'll do wrong and nothing but wrong. And I'll prosper on it." Perhaps, too, the retribution which in each case is visited upon the parent arises from the fact that both Mrs. Warren and Yekel have, in Vivie's accusatory
Page ix - The God of Vengeance" in connection with a play like "Mrs. Warren's Profession." To be sure, there is no technical resemblance between the two dramas; nor, despite an external similarity in backgrounds, is there any real identity of purpose.
Page xi - sex he is not afraid to handle the subject with all the poetry and power at his command. Such a play as his "Jephthah's Daughter" treats the elemental urge of sex with daring, beauty and
Page x - in Mrs. Warren's, another touch of inconsistency is added by the agreement that theirs is not the best of professions. Crofts, too, in the English play, discusses the business with all the
Page v - younger group of Yiddish story-tellers and now that Abramovitch, Rabinovitch and Peretz are in their graves (they have all died during the last two years) he is the most popular
Page xii - powerful play quickly made its way to the chief stages of Europe. It has been played all over Germany, Austria, Russia, Poland, Holland, Norway, Sweden and Italy. In
Page x - Mrs. Warren at the end of Shaw's play swears by Heaven that henceforth she will lead a life of evil. In the case of Yekel and his wife,
Page x - simpleminded Jewish girl is a victim, not a rebel. Yet in either case the daughter is lost to the parents, and the power of money
Page xi - lived one life and believed in another. ' ' "The God of Vengeance," despite conclusions too easily drawn, is not a sex play.
Page iii - THE birth of Yiddish literature in Russia and the beginning of the great Jewish exodus from that country to America are two effects of one and the same cause. The same anti-semitic crusade that forced the Children of Israel to go beyond the seas in search of a safe home, aroused them to a new

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