The Gospel According to Nathanael

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Imagine some out of the way place in the Middle East. a Bedouin in search of treasures discovers a glass jar half buried in the earth. Imagine he unearths the jar and opens up the sealed lid. Inside are writings in the Greek language. the Bedouin wonders if what he has found is merely worthless or rather perhaps an important scripture that is very valuable, indeed. He is careful not to harm the scroll for he has decided to take it to the Religious and Archeological Society of Jerusalem to try to sell it. He must play his cards right, though. the society does not normally pay for such finds and exerts the right to claim ownership of all artifacts found in its area. So the Bedouin carefully cuts off a piece of the scroll, goes to the director, and tells him that this is just a taste of what he has to sell. After careful study and scientific examination, it is concluded that the writings and the portion of the scroll date back to the first century C.E. After much behind the scenes bargaining, the director pays the Bedouin a hefty sum for the enrire scroll. Both end up very happy. Is not that the nature of free bargaining? the Gospel According to Nathanael is the title of the scroll. It is a brand new find of a very old document. It is another gospel story. You may be impressed by the striking similarity to the other gospels and yet the significant differences from them. Now, published for all to read is that gospel of Nathanael. You may wish to thank God for this excellent opportunity. Relax, take a break, and by all means take your time in reading this brand new gospel!

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