The Gospel According to a Modern Day Sinner

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Trafford Publishing, Jan 30, 2006 - Religion
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The word gospel means good news and is used for terms of truth and of the life and teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ. I was moved to write about this because we live in a time when we are vastly becoming immune to the Gospel, or, maybe better put, we are becoming desensitized to constantly hearing the Word while indulging the worldly feel good things that are bombarding us on a daily basis. The apostles also lived in a time when they too had their work cut out for them, and the Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John's writings became the very gospels we are speaking of now, as well as David, and maybe as a side not for these gospels, some 2000 years later, this book might help some of you who are in my same situation: believers who are sinners stuck in a world so evil that no society has ever seen it this bad before; believers who are sinners that want nothing more but the strength and power to break away from the very things that are holding us bound to this way of life; believers who are sinners that feel like losers who cannot give up those feel good things that have a more physical reality; sinners that are believers through hope and wanting to be on the right side, and yet not wanting to give up luxuries until we really have to, the just in case mentality, the selfish self, that is not always in agreeance with our minds' moral standing. I only hope you read this book with an open mind to God. If He shows you that what you read is no good, then so be it, for I am not God. I only know that I am a Sinner that is a Believer that wants to share with you from my understanding of the scriptures and not from my selfish desires. Because I believe that God has been with me, I believe that He has taught me understandings that must be preached and must be written down. If this book does nothing else but allow you to know that you are precious in His sight and that He wants you to come to Him with all your being, then I will be happy.

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