The Gospel of Buddha

Open Court Publishing Company, 1915 - 310 pages
This Is A New Release Of The Original 1915 Edition.

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Page 49 - There are two extremes, O Bhikkhus, which the man who has given up the world ought not to follow — the habitual practice, on the one hand, of those things whose attraction depends upon the passions, and especially of sensuality — a low and pagan way...
Page 52 - Birth is attended with pain, decay is painful, disease is painful, death is painful. Union with the unpleasant is painful, painful is separation from the pleasant ; and any craving that is unsatisfied, that too is painful.
Page 49 - Neither abstinence from fish or flesh, nor going naked, nor shaving the head, nor wearing matted hair, nor dressing in a rough garment, nor covering oneself with dirt, nor sacrificing to Agni, will cleanse a man who is not free from delusions.
Page 137 - Let a man overcome anger by love, let him overcome evil by good; let him overcome the greedy by liberality, the liar by truth!
Page 133 - Let no man think lightly of evil, saying in his heart, It will not come nigh unto me. Even by the falling of water-drops a waterpot is filled; the fool becomes full of evil, even if he gather it little by little. Let no man think lightly of good, saying in his heart, It will not come nigh unto me.
Page 249 - Ananda, can this be possible - whereas anything whatever born, brought into being, and organized, contains within itself the inherent necessity of dissolution - how, then, can this be possible, that such a being should not be dissolved.
Page 233 - I have beheld, Lord, how the Blessed One was in health, and I have beheld how the Blessed One had to suffer. And though at the sight of the sickness of the Blessed One my body became weak as a creeper, and the horizon became dim to me, and my faculties were no longer clear, yet notwithstanding I took some little comfort ftom the thought that the Blessed One would not pass away from existence until at least he had left instructions as touching the order.
Page 242 - Alas ! I remain still but a learner, one who has yet to work out his own perfection. And the Master is about to pass away from me — he who is so kind ! '
Page 232 - ... on a seat spread out there. And the venerable Ananda went to the place where the Blessed One was, and saluted him, and took a seat respectfully on one side, and addressed the...
Page 167 - Son, if a man declined to accept a present made to him, to whom would it belong?" And he answered: "In that case it would belong to the man who offered it.

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