The Gospel of Experience Or the Witness of Human Life to the Truth of Revelation

Kessinger Publishing, 2004年4月1日 - 224 頁
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1896. Being the Boyle Lectures for 1895. Reverend Newbolt explains in the Preface that: The underlying idea that the lectures try to develop is this: that just as the spade of the excavator is a valuable ally to the student who investigates historical records, so the spade of experimental inquiry, in the region of the spiritual life, ought to yield valuable confirmation of those facts which Holy Scripture leads us to suppose exist in our own lives, and in the constitution of things around us. And that just as the excavator concentrates his chief attention on places and scenes where ancient life reached its fullest development, so our inquiry will, in all probability, be most fruitful if, instead of spending time in investigating the actions of the average man, we in each case interrogate the highest forms of spiritual development within our reach. Lecture titles include: The Sense of a Personal God; The Traces of a Fall-Within; The Traces of a Fall-Without; The Phenomena of Sin; The Phenomena of Temptation; The Phenomena of the Punishment of Sin; The Phenomena of Redemption; and The Phenomena of the Atonement and Grace.

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