The Gospels as Epic

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Yale University, 1953 - 285 pages
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Chapter II is devoted to an examination of the entire poem, episode by episode, in which the verbal parallels between Juvencus and Vergil are considered from, the contextual point of view. In other words, this chapter endeavors to ascertain whether there is anything in the context of a given Vergilian phrase or half-line used by Juvencus which may have influenced the poet's choice of the Vergilian expression in question. The evidence presented in this chapter indicates that such is unquestionably the case, and uncovers various patterns of Juvencus' exploitation of Vergilian material, ranging from the relatively simple type wherein the context of a Vergilian expression found in Juvencus involves a situation bearing some resemblance to a particular scene from the gospel, to instances of an extremely subtle and complicated pattern of adaptation of Vergil by the Christian poet. Each case is considered as it occurs, and although Juvencus' use of Vergil is too complex to be compressed into a concise formula or series of formulas, nevertheless various patterns of his adaptation of Vergil may be discerned and up to a point classified. Chapter IV, the concluding chapter, is devoted to a setting forth of these patterns.

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