The Governess, Or, Evening Amusements at a Boarding School

Vernor and Hood, Poultry, and sold, 1800 - 219페이지

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110 페이지 - They came, when the Queen, with an aspect and accents diffusing sweetness, thus bespoke them : — " Natives of France, and inhabitants of Calais, ye have put us to a vast expense of blood and treasure in the recovery of our just and natural inheritance; but you have acted up to the best of an erroneous judgment, and we admire and honour in you that valour and virtue by which we are so long kept out of our rightful possessions.
111 페이지 - We loose your chains, we snatch you from the scaffold ; and we thank you for that lesson of humiliation which you teach us, when you show us that excellence is not of blood, of title, or station — that virtue gives a dignity superior to that of kings ; and that those whom the Almighty informs with sentiments like yours, are justly and eminently raised above all human distinctions.
111 페이지 - ... tokens of our esteem. Yet we would rather bind you to ourselves by every endearing obligation; and, for this purpose, we offer to you your choice of the gifts and honours that Edward has to bestow. Rivals for fame, but always friends to virtue, we wish that England were entitled to call you her sons.
148 페이지 - Consider the sequel," replied he that dwells in the fifth heaven. Bozaldab looked earnestly, and saw the countenance of his son, on which he had been used to behold the placid smile of simplicity and the vivid blushes of health, now distorted with rage, and now fixed in the insensibility of drunkenness : it was again animated with disdain, it became pale with apprehension, and appeared to be withered by...
101 페이지 - ... city on the other ? There is, my friends ; there is one expedient left ; a gracious, an excellent, a godlike expedient ! Is there any here to whom virtue is dearer than life ? — Let him offer himself an oblation for the safety of his people ! He shall not fail of a blessed approbation from that Power, who offered up his only Son, for the salvation of mankind.
10 페이지 - My health was at length impaired by the inquietude of my mind ; I sold all my moveables for subsistence ; and reserved only a" mattress upon which I sometimes lay from one night to another.
205 페이지 - Stop, stop the execution!" was repeated by the whole assembly: a man came at full speed: the throng gave way to his approach: he was mounted on a steed of foam; in an instant he was off his horse, on the scaffold, and clasped Pythias in his arms. "You are safe...
203 페이지 - Dionysius was awed and confounded by the dignity of these sentiments, and by the manner in which they were uttered : he felt his heart struck by a slight sense of invading truth : but it served rather to perplex than undeceive him.
109 페이지 - We cannot wholly deprive them of the merit of a sacrifice so nobly intended, but we may cut them short of their desires : in the place of that death, by which their glory would be...
103 페이지 - He ordered the gates to be opened, and gave charge to his attendants to conduct the remaining citizens, with their families, through the camp of the English.

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