The Government of Risk: Understanding Risk Regulation Regimes

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Why does regulation vary so dramatically from one area to another? Why are some risks regulated aggressively and others responded to only modestly? Is there any logic to the techniques we use in risk regulation? These key questions are explored in The Government of Risk. This book looks at anumber of risk regulations regimes, considers the respects in which they differ, and examines how these differences can be explained.Analysing regulation in terms of 'regimes' allows us to see the rich, multi-dimensional nature of risk regulation. It exposes the thinness of society-wide analyses of risk controls and it offers a perspective that single case studies cannot reach. Regimes analysis breaks down the components of riskregulation systems and shows how these interact. It also shows how different parts of the same regime may be shaped by different factors and have to be understood in quite different ways. The Government of Risk shows how such an approach is of high policy relevance as well as of considerabletheoretical importance.

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II Explaining Variation in Risk Regulation Regimes
III Exploring the Dynamics of Risk Regulation Regimes
Further Reading on Law and Policy in Nine Risk Regulation Regimes
Coded List of Interviewees
Methodological Notes for Selected Figures and Tables
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Christopher Hood is at All Soul's College, Oxford. Henry Rothstein is at London School of Economics.

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