The Great Pheromone Myth

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JHU Press, 2010 - Science - 278 pages
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Introduction -- What is a mammalian pheromone? -- Origin of the pheromone concept -- Generalization of the pheromone concept to mammals -- Definitions and redefinitions of pheromones -- Dictionary definitions -- Textbook definitions -- Definitions of working scientists -- Early concerns with the concept of releasing pheromones in mammals -- The chemical complexity issue -- Pheromones as non-odors -- The vomeronasal organ as the pheromone receptor system -- Pheromones and politics -- Mammals are not insects -- Chemosensory learning -- Olfactory learning in the uterus -- Olfactory learning in the nursing setting -- Olfactory learning in later life -- Scent marking -- The elusive snarks: case studies of non-human mammalian releasing pheromones -- Copulin, the rhesus monkey vaginal pheromone -- Boar pheromones that stimulate sexual receptivity (lordosis) in sows -- Hamster vaginal secretion pheromones -- Dimethyl disulfide, the sex attractant pheromone -- Aphrodisin, the mounting pheromone -- Methyl p-hydroxybenzoate, the sex pheromone of the dog -- The estrus-signalling pheromone of the rat -- The male mouse ultrasonic courtship pheromone -- Phenylacetic acid, the major ventral scent marking pheromone of the male Mongolian gerbil -- 2-(sec-butyl)thiazoline, 2,3-dehydro-exo-brevicomin, and the major urinary proteins (MUPS) -- As the aggression-eliciting pheromones of the male mouse -- The maternal pheromone of the rat -- (z)-7-dedecen-1-yl acetate, the sex pheromone of the female Asian elephant -- Frontalin (1,5-dimethyl-6,8-dioxabicyclo [3,2,1] octane), the multi-purpose male elephant pheromone -- The pheromone of the subauricular gland of the male pronghorn antelope -- The rabbit nipple-search pheromone, 2-methylbut-2-enal -- The erection-eliciting pheromone of the rat -- Male mouse sex pheromones -- Mammalian alarm pheromones -- The elusive snarks: case studies of n++

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1 Introduction
2 What Is a Mammalian Pheromone?
3 Mammals Are Not Insects
4 Scent Marking
5 The Elusive Snarks Case Studies of Nonhuman Mammalian Releasing Pheromones
6 The Elusive Snarks Case Studies of Nonhuman Mammalian Priming Pheromones
7 Human Pheromones
8 Implications
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Richard L. Doty is a professor and director of the Smell and Taste Center at the University of Pennsylvania, inventor of the widely used UPSIT test for assessing smell function, and author or editor of over 350 scientific publications and books, including the Handbook of Olfaction and Gustation, Taste and Smell in Health and Disease, and, most recently, The Neurology of Olfaction, coauthored with Christopher Hawkes.

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