The Greatest Event in Canadian History: The Battle of the Plains

Musson book Company, limited, 1909 - 269 sider

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Side 215 - His Britannic Majesty, on his side, agrees to grant the liberty of the Catholic religion to the inhabitants of Canada. He will consequently give the most effectual orders that his new Roman Catholic subjects may profess the worship of their religion according to the rites of the Romish Church, as far as the laws of Great Britain permit.
Side 149 - The enemy," he soon after wrote to Pitt, "was greatly superior in number, it is true ; but when I considered that our little army was in the habit of beating that enemy, and had a very fine train of field artillery; that shutting ourselves at once within the walls was putting all upon the single chance of holding out for a considerable time a wretched fortification, I resolved to give them battle ; and, half an hour after six in the morning, we marched with all the force I could muster, namely, three...
Side 182 - Since it was my misfortune to be discomfited and mortally wounded, it is a great consolation to me to be vanquished by so brave and generous an enemy. If I could survive this wound, I would engage to beat three times the number of such forces as I commanded this morning, with a third of British troops.
Side 125 - ... he has that of being mad added, so that I hold him cheap. In point of fortune, she has no more than I have a right to expect, viz. £12,000. The maid is tall and thin, about my own age, and that's the only objection. I endeavoured, with the assistance of all the art I was master of, to find out how any serious proposal would be received by Mordaunt and her mother. It did not appear that they would be very averse to such a scheme; but as I am but twenty-two and...
Side 27 - I know perfectly well you cannot cure me," he said to his physician ; " but pray make me up so that I may be without pain for a few days, and able to do my duty : that is all I want.
Side 125 - I was several times with her,—sometimes in public, sometimes at her uncle's, and two or three times at her own house. She made a surprising progress in that short time, and won all my affections. Some people reckon her handsome; but I, that am her lover, don't think her a beauty. She has much sweetness of temper, sense enough, and is very civil and engaging in her behaviour. She refused a clergyman with -£1300 a year, and is at present addressed to by a very rich knight; but to your antagonist's...
Side 26 - ... jealous of the design, were preparing against it, and had actually brought artillery and a mortar (which, being so near to Quebec, they could increase as they pleased) to play upon the shipping, and as it must have been many hours before we could attack them, (even supposing a favourable night for the boats to pass by the town unhurt,) it seemed so hazardous, that I thought it best to desist.
Side 26 - This enabled me to reconnoitre the country above, where I found the same attention on the enemy's side, and great difficulties on ours, arising from the nature of the ground, and the obstacles to our communication with the fleet. But what I feared most was, that if we should land between the town and the river, captain Rouge, the body first landed, could not be reinforced before they were attacked by the enemy's whole army.
Side 79 - Murray, were a-shore with the first division. We lost no time here, but clambered up one of the steepest precipices that can be conceived, being almost a perpendicular, and of an incredible height. As soon as we gained the summit, all was quiet, and not a shot was heard, owing to the excellent conduct of the light infantry under Colonel Howe ; it was by this time clear day-light.
Side 194 - How small soever may be the space you are able to hold, it is indispensable to keep a footing in North America ; for if we once lose the country entirely, its recovery will be almost impossible.

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