The Greening of Marxism

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Ted Benton
Guilford Publications, Sep 2, 1996 - Science - 310 pages
"As we prepare to enter the 21st century we need, more than ever, to understand the political and economic roots of environmental problems. This book -- written by an international array of scholars -- help us to understand these roots". -- Michael Redclift, Ph.D.

When the ecological movement emerged in the 1960s, it warned that continued consumerism and growth would lead to ecological catastrophe. This "green" philosophy represented a challenge to the basic tenets of Marxism, which traditionally ignored issues of ecological sustainability. Tracing the history of the integration of ecological understanding with Marxist philosophy, The Greening of Marxism explores the influence of green politics on Marxism, examines the new politics emerging from these movements, and shows how red-green alliances can transform the political landscape. Notable contributions include the classic critique of political ecology by Hans Magnus Enzensberger, a debate on James O'Connor's notion of the second contradiction of capitalism, and critical essays from leading feminist thinkers such as Kate Soper and Mary Mellor.

May serve as a text in advanced undergraduate or graduate-level courses in environment studies, sociology, philosophy, geography, or political science.

About the author (1996)

Ted Benton, Professor of Sociology at the University of Essex, U.K, is the author of numerous books and articles on sociologist theory, and ecological issues, most notably Natural Relations. He is actively involved in the process of bridging together groupings on the green left in the U.K.

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