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Strona 63 - To vital spirits aspire, to animal, To intellectual; give both life and sense, Fancy and understanding ; whence the Soul Reason receives, and Reason is her being, Discursive, or Intuitive: Discourse Is oftest yours, the latter most is ours, Differing but in degree, of kind the same.
Strona 89 - As may express them best ; though what if earth Be but the shadow of heaven, and things therein Each to other like, more than on earth is thought...
Strona 23 - This is my Lord, but when it set, he said: I like not things that set. And when he saw the moon rising he said: This is my Lord...
Strona 116 - Indeed, when persons have been long softened with the continual droppings of religion, and their spirits made timorous and apt for impression by the assiduity of prayer, and perpetual alarms of death, and the continual dyings of mortification ; the fancy, which is a very great instrument of devotion, is kept continually warm, and in a disposition and aptitude to take fire, and to flame out in great ascents : and when they suffer transportations beyond the burdens and support of reason, they suffer...
Strona 29 - It is not expedient that the sun should overtake the moon in her course; neither doth the night outstrip the day: but each of these luminaries moveth in a peculiar orbit. It is a sign also unto them, that...
Strona 64 - Verily the likeness of this present life is no other than as water, which we send down from heaven, and wherewith the productions of the earth are mixed, of which men eat, and cattle also., until the earth receive its vesture, and be adorned with various plants: the inhabitants thereof imagine that they have power over the same; but our command cometh unto it by night, or by day, and we render it as though it had been mowen, as though it had not yesterday abounded with fruits.
Strona 84 - ... he was alive the same appearance would be visible in the dead. And in a word, whatever was the habit of the body during life would be distinguishable after death, either perfectly, or in a great measure and for a time.
Strona 24 - Thou shalt in no wise behold me; but look towards the mountain, and if it stand firm in its place, then shalt thou see me. But when his Lord appeared with glory in the mount, he reduced it to dust. And Moses fell down in a swoon. And when he came to himself, he said, Praise be unto thee! I turn unto thee with repentance, and I am the first of true believers.
Strona 52 - The love of thee flows just as much As that of ebbing self subsides ; Our hearts, their scantiness is such, Bear not the conflict of two rival tides.
Strona 62 - Chequer-board of Nights and Days ; Hither and thither moves, and checks, and slays; And one by one back in the Closet lays.

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