The Gynecology of Obstetrics: An Exposition of the Pathologies Bearing Directly on Parturition

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Macmillan, 1915 - Gynecology - 198 pages

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Page 182 - INFECTION AND THE RECOVERY OF THE ANIMAL BODY FROM INFECTIOUS DISEASE BY HANS ZINSSER, MD. Professor of Bacteriology at the College of Physicians and Surgeons, Columbia University, New York With a Chapter on Colloids and Colloidal Reactions BY PROFESSOR STEWART W. YOUNG. Department of Chemistry. Stanford University
Page 182 - Professor of Surgery, New York Polyclinic Medical School and Hospital; Surgeon and Secretary of Committee of Scientific Research, New York Skin and Cancer Hospital; Consulting Surgeon, Manhattan State Hospital, Ward's Island; Honorary President, First International Congress for the Study of Tumors and Cancers, Heidelberg,
Page 183 - to say. therefore, on such subjects as appetite, clothing, the bath, exercise, discipline, nervousness, fever, the throat, the teeth, milk, and mixing and care of the food, and food for traveling is certain to secure wide attention. Physicians can well recommend this book
Page 183 - Dr. Dennett is a well-known physician in New York City and is also a writer of reputation. What he
Page 151 - one-sided nephritis by fixing a movable kidney—cases where the kidney was enlarged, painful, and the albumin abundant. The movable kidney was supposed to be exempt from lesions for a long time. Although the cases reported by Edebohls do not give all the medical details of the question, it is none the less true that people with movable kidneys have albuminuria. The albumin is present in
Page 185 - here presents the results of an investigation made of one notorious family of degenerates. Taking scientific observations as a base. Dr. Goddard has told a story which will be of interest to students of education, medicine and sociology, and. because of its dramatic intensity, to the
Page 116 - Should there be any prolapse at the outlet of the vagina, the incision may be extended down alongside of the urethra and the vagina sutured to the dense fascia covering the pelvic bone. The opposite side is treated in a similar manner, and when both sides
Page 104 - from the most anterior portion of the origin pass almost directly backward and downward to reach the sides of the rectum.
Page 151 - with those familiar and frequent conditions of a nervous character which are termed hysteria or neurasthenia. It is not always advisable to apprise the patient of the fact, for with a person of this sort the mere idea of possessing a ' floating kidney ' is enough to stir up a host of subjective symptoms—unless you wish to use it for suggestive therapeutics.
Page 186 - COMPANY Publishers 64-66 Fifth Avenue New York LANE MEDICAL LIBRARY To avoid fine, this

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