The Half-a-Doctor: Memoirs from My "Asylum"

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Author House, Jul 13, 2010 - Biography & Autobiography - 260 pages

He was conned, seduced, assaulted, mugged, and held up at gunpoint. In the fifteen years that the author spent as manager of The Roger Williams Hotel, he probably experienced more adventure than most individuals do in a lifetime. The author describes his emotional responses to numerous tragedies, some of which would traumatize most men, yet he manages to interject humor to soften the pain.

The writer becomes philosophical at times, as he accepts a fatalistic explanation for the circumstances that successfully propel him from Pharmacy, to Hotel Management, to Executive Search Consulting ... with a little construction management thrown into the mix.

To write the memoir, this “Half-a-Doctor” mentally sorted through thousands of hotel guest stays and has compiled his most memorable encounters. This book chronicles mystery, suspense, and tragedy, as well as sexually provocative incidents.

For the most part, though, the author puts emphasis on the humorous situations. Most occurrences are hilarious--many are truly and utterly unbelievable. YES, EVERYTHING IN THIS MEMOIR DID OCCUR AS THE AUTHOR DESCRIBES THEM.


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Here is an entertaining and informative account of Sokol's 15 years as manager of the Roger Williams Hotel, Madison Ave at 31st street in Manhattan. He has sorted through thousands of guests to bring you the most impressive, most interesting, and definitely downright funny. When he writes that he screamed, you will, too. Well worth the read, you'll find facts such as how one gets the name "half-a-doctor", a gypsy cab with no gypsies and the delightful blackout of 1965.
You'll experience mystery, suspense, tragedy, and provocative incidents. Very important: without first reading this book, do not purchase a green suit. You'll enjoy the hilarious antics (Did you ever change a light bulb?).
This book belongs on everyone's bookshelves.
Joan G. Friedman

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If you are looking for an entertaining escape, this book is it. It is very hard to believe these stories are true, though the author insists that they are. The book will grab you from the first page and have you hooked. If you are like me, you will be turning each page wondering what else could possibly happen to this poor guy? It is commendable that the author was able to see the humor in the bizarre situations that presented themselves to him on a regular basis, situations which would likely have had the common person running for the door without looking back. Pick this book up and enjoy!
The Half-a-Doctor: Memoirs from My "Asylum"
Jodi G.


Prescription For Success
The Mission
The Mafia Caper Room 307
The Seduction Room 910
He Punched Me Room 710
The Fat Lady in the Tub Room 1407
Na´vety 201
Murder at the Roger Williams Hotel
Barefoot in the Lobby Room 1002
The Invaders Room 1011
Cultural Differences
The Detective Confronts Radiation 10th Floor
The Start of my New Beginning
The Television Repairman Room 610


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The author does not purport to be an accomplished writer and he willingly admits that he does not have a creative bone in his body. Those that know him, however, readily acknowledge that he is definitely gifted as a raconteur.After graduating from Fordham College of Pharmacy, the author spent four to five unfulfilled years as a pharmacist and then fortuitously found himself in the hotel business. His fifteen years managing a Manhattan midtown hotel provided him with the venue to meet very interesting characters, at vastly different levels of sanity. For more than thirty years he has been telling stories regarding these individuals to family and friends. At the end of his tales he was almost always urged to write a book.The encounters and incidents at this hotel have given the author a substantial volume of events and he has finally decided to put them into writing. They required no embellishment to give the reader belly laughs and evenings of fun reading.

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