The Hand-book of Chess

Cassell, Petter, and Galpin, 1860 - 58 sider

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Side 11 - CASSELL'S LATIN READER, adapted to " Cassell's Latin Grammar;" consisting of Fables, Mythology, Anecdotes of Eminent Men, Roman History, and Ancient Geography ; to which is appended an appropriate Dictionary.
Side 22 - When a pawn is first moved in a game, it may be played one or two squares ; but in the latter case the opponent has the privilege of taking it en passant with any oawn which could have taken it had it been played one square only.
Side 23 - If a player agree to checkmate with a particular Piece or Pawn, or on a particular square, or engage to force his adversary to stalemate or checkmate him, he is not restricted to any number of moves.
Side 20 - While a player holds the Piece or Pawn he has touched, he may play it to any other than the square he took it from ; but, having quitted it, he cannot recall the move.
Side 10 - CASSELL'S FIRST LESSONS IN LATIN; or, a Short and Easy Introduction to the Latin Language. Comprising 1 Grammar, Exercises, and Vocabulary. By Professors ANDREWS and STODDARD. 12mo, paper covers, Is.; cloth, Is. 6d. CASSELL'S LATIN GRAMMAR, for the use of Schools and Colleges. By Professors ANDREWS and STODDARD. Crown 8vo, cloth, 3s. 6d. CASSELL'S LATIN READER, adapted to
Side 20 - The chess-board must be so placed that each player has a white corner square nearest his right hand If the board have been improperly placed, it must be adjusted, provided four moves on each side have not been played, but not afterwards.
Side 21 - J'adoiibe," or words to that effect, his adversary may compel him to take it ; but if it cannot be legally taken, he may oblige him to move the King ; should his King, however, be so posted that he...
Side 22 - If a player touch a piece or pawn that cannot be moved without leaving the king in check, he must replace the piece or pawn and move his king ; but if the king cannot be moved, no penalty can be inflicted. 18. If a player attack the adverse king without saying '"check...
Side 13 - CASSELL'S ELEMENTS OF ALGEBRA, intended for the use of Schools, Colleges, Universities, and self-taught Students. Crown 8vo, paper covers, Is. ; cloth, Is. 6d.
Side 21 - ... of life. The design of this Course of Books is to instruct the learner from the beginning to pass over with freedom correct models of those forms only which form component portions of a perfect handwriting. By...

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