The Handy Ocean Answer Book

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Visible Ink Press, 2003 - Reference - 616 pages
The Handy Answer Book series is an engaging and entertaining line of question and answer books (requiring no previous knowledge of any kind to use) in scientific areas as well as history, sports, and general reference. With 12 titles, the series appeals to students and adults alike, and many more who are, perhaps, different. Every Handy Answer Book provides hundreds of questions you (or someone close to you) wished you'd asked (generally accompanied by a similar number of answers) in a simple-to-use topical arrangement, with lots of photos (some of them in color) and illustrations (hopefully connected to the text).

Our best-selling Handy Science Answer Book delivers an expert, easy-to-follow overview of the sciences and is an indispensable family reference, even in families given to dispensing with references.

Information-hungry kids are sure to find The Handy Bug Answer Book and The Handy Dinosaur Answer Book delicious, especially on wheat. The new Handy Answer Book for Kids (and Parents), is devoted to more than 700 kid-specific questions and answers, including why is the sky blue and what is this thing hanging from my nose? It has range. Like kids.

Science readers of any age will find the Handy titles on physics, weather, geography, the ocean, and space (outer) the cat's pajamas or, better yet, the parakeet's sweater, tiny though it may be.

The very helpful Handy History Answer Book surveys, in nearly 700 pages, several thousand years of big events -- wars, inventions, religion, disasters, art, epidemics, exploration, catastrophes, philosophy, and many other things that seem to have happened mostly in the past. Find out who did what and why they did it. It's a wonderful book,and we're thinking we'd really like to sell more.

Long before there were fast food restaurants, the oceans helped sustain human life. Covering 70 percent of the surface area of our globe, the oceans are vast and mysterious and primal and pretty much everywhere you go. What is El Nino and how does it affect the oceans and the weather? What is a riptide? Where does the salt in seawater come from? Are there mountains undersea? How many species of fish exist in the world? Can an ocean be a color other than blue? How do whales breathe? Are volcanoes forming in the oceans today? Boy, we have some questions. The Handy Ocean Answer Book tackles these and 1,000 other questions on ocean life, waterspouts, whirlpools, ocean shelves, tides and quakes, ocean bottoms, navigation, famous shipwrecks, and the effects of pollution and global warming. Plus, you'll find out what clues the ocean has revealed about the origins and evolution of life on our planet and major climate changes. With 180 photos and illustrations and 16 pages of color, Handy Ocean will please dedicated landlubbers and salty sailors alike.

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