The Harvey Lectures, Volume 9

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Academic Press, 1915 - Medicine

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Page 6 - the year, at a time and place to be determined by the Executive Committee. Special meetings may be held at such times and places as the Executive Committee may determine. At all
Page 5 - The object of this Society shall be the diffusion of scientific knowledge in selected chapters in anatomy, physiology, pathology, bacteriology, pharmacology, and physiological and pathological chemistry, through the medium of public lectures by men who are workers in the subjects presented.
Page 6 - IV. The management of the Society shall be vested in an executive committee, to consist of a President, a Vice-President, a Secretary, a Treasurer, and three other members, these officers to be elected by ballot at each annual meeting of the Society to serve one year. V. The Annual meeting of the Society shall
Page 255 - Fortunately the ardor for research on our globe is not diminished by the conviction that we are laboring in the wake of workers infinite in numbers on countless worlds who have carried their investigations millions of years beyond the stage reached by us, and are rapidly progressing towards an ultimate solution which may never be reached.
Page 205 - In 1870 a severe outbreak of fever took place among the workmen building the Central Railway between Lima and Oroya, and it is estimated that at least seven thousand individuals died during the epidemic. At this time the complaint received the name of " Oroya fever," although it appears that it was not contracted in Oroya itself.
Page 38 - as did succeeding observers except Hunter. Hunter says: A history of antecedent gastric or intestinal disturbances was found in each of twenty-five cases. In no case were these of sufficient character or intensity to account for the supervention of such an intense degree of anaemia. The various disturbances connected with this tract have an important significance,
Page 113 - In Group 4 are included all the races against which Serums 1 and 2 are not effective and which, from their other properties, do not belong in Group 3. Animals may readily be immunized to any member of this Group 4, and the serum of the immunized animal is protective against the
Page 209 - The former is due to a virus which may be transmitted to animals by direct inoculation and which produces definite lesions in them, whereas the latter is due to an organism parasitic in the red blood corpuscles
Page 51 - and myself in preliminary experiments a year ago to be quite small. We then found among 30,000 colonies isolated from 750 plates, exposed in schools with window ventilation, only ten mouth streptococci. " In the present study in the examination of a total of
Page 220 - marked proliferation of angioblastic cells forming islands of closely placed cells, by the invasion of the connective tissue by lymphocytes, plasma-cells, and leucocytes, and as the lesion progresses, by the formation of fibroblasts and the deposit of collagen fibrils.

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