The Head of an Eagle

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'A story of true courage and honor against seemingly unconquerable odds. "The Head of an Eagle" is a thrilling adventure that is sure to grip the hearts and imaginations of young and old alike."
-Heidi Sweat

'This story has something for everyone.romance and rescue, revenge and adventure!"
-Kristi Lingwall

'An intriguing tale full of adventure and struggle between man, nature, and the elements."
-Lisa Nielson

'"The Head of an Eagle" is a wonderfully gripping story that pulls you in clear through the last page. A story to be treasured."
-Loreen Taylor

Ride with Moki, a crippled young Indian boy as he struggles to survive in a harsh environment, while being hunted by two different bands of Indians consumed by hatred and bent on revenge at all costs.

Injured and alone in a raging blizzard, Moki manages to crawl into a small cave, which had been used by a pack of wolves. The cave provides the needed shelter from the storm, but when the wolves return, he is again the hunted and must match his wits and skill against the wolf pack.

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