The Healing Gods of Ancient Civilizations

Yale University Press, 1925 - 569 sider

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Side 392 - The various modes of worship which prevailed in the Roman world were all considered by the people as equally true; by the philosopher as equally false; and by the magistrate as equally useful.
Side 117 - I taught my country to guard the name of the god, To honor the name of the goddess I accustomed my people. The glorification of the king I made like unto that of a god, And in the fear of the palace I instructed the people.
Side 17 - I have not done evil in the place of truth. I knew no wrong. I did no evil thing. ... I did not do that which the god abominates. I did not report evil of a servant to his master. I allowed no one to hunger. I caused no one to weep.
Side vii - Press on the Philip Hamilton McMillan Memorial Publication Fund. This Foundation was established December 12, 1922, by a gift to Yale University in pursuance of a pledge announced on Alumni University Day in February, 1922, of a Fund of $100,000 bequeathed to James Thayer McMillan and Alexis Caswell Angell, as Trustees, by Mrs. Elizabeth Anderson McMillan, of Detroit, to be devoted by them to the establishment of a memorial in honor of her husband. He was born in Detroit, Michigan, December 28, 1872,...
Side 62 - was a late development who, with Serapis and Isis, was the third member of the divine triad at Alexandria, Philae, and Fayum, and was worshipped with Isis at Panopolis.195 He had the functions of Horus, and in Ptolemaic times assumed the attributes of the local deities with whom Amon-Re had been identified, and even those of this deity at the center of his worship, at Thebes. Without temples, he was worshipped as a deity of the lower classes and of the home, and was often represented as a young...
Side 7 - Herodotus found it, a religion of innumerable external observances and mechanical usages, carried out with such elaborate and insistent punctiliousness that the Egyptians gained the reputation of being the most religious of all peoples. But such observances were no longer the expression of a growing and developing inner life, as in the days before the creative vitality of the race was extinct.
Side 225 - Ares (Mars) gets the blame. But terrors which happen during the night, and fevers, and delirium, and jumpings out of bed, and frightful apparitions, and fleeing away, — all these they hold to be the plots of Hecate, and the invasions of the Heroes...
Side 17 - I did not diminish the grain measure. I did not diminish the span. I did not diminish the land measure. I did not load the weight of the balances. I did not deflect the index of the scales.
Side 21 - Pepi, the doors of the iron which "is the ceiling of the sky open themselves to " Pepi, and he passeth through them ; he hath his "panther skin upon him, and the staff and whip are " in his hand. Pepi goeth forward with his flesh, Pepi "is happy with his name, and he liveth with his ka
Side 113 - Those who have made images of me, reproducing my features, Who have taken away my breath, torn my hairs, Who have rent my clothes, have hindered my feet from treading the dust, May the fire-god, the strong one, break their charm.

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