The Heart of the Horse, Healing the Heart of the Human

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Trafford Publishing, Jul 16, 2012 - Biography & Autobiography - 56 pages
The Horse Connection Interactive Riding and Assisted Riding For Children & Adult Children At Heart! The Inspiration for Horse Connection was inspired by my love of horses & growing up in a Circus Family that encouraged my love of animals, especially Horses! This Connection with Horses was encouraged by my parents and early in my life my grandparents who grew up with farm animals. By age seven, my Dad and Grandpa Bell, went to the local glue factory (this was 1952 and Horses then were sent to Slaugther Houses when they were old or crippled. They came home in a Farm Trailer and there was Dolly, who I knew was the prettiest horse I had Ever Seen!. During the summers of these Years, I had the privilege to Travel with my Parents on Polack Bros Shrine Circus: I had my first Horse Job at seven years! A loving trainer named Sonny Moore trained Dogs and ponies to work together in a Funny Way and his act was named Sonny Moores Roustabouts. This was more than fun it was a privilege that I learned to groom, water, put on harnesses and feeds these talented animals! These Early Horse Experiences influenced my Dream to work with Children and Horses in a way that was not Only Learning but Fun!! This book is a description and depicts Ways that That Horses Nurture Children, Reduce theirs Fears, Increase Confidence, and have a New Friend to Love.. The Horse! My parents continued to nurture my Love of Horses when they semi retired from the Circus Trapeze Life they had known for over Fifty Years, and we moved into our Home in Duncanville Tx. There a Horse Named Tinkerbell taught me to ride all over again and my high school friend Vicky & I rode all over Duncanville and surrounding places! Tinkerbelle had one beautiful baby horse named Missy and she was a joy to help train. Then it was time to go to college and they were sold to wonderful families! The Heart of the Horse, Healing the Heart of the Human is shown in pictures and stories throughout this book! Enjoy the stories and hope they will touch a place in your Heart & get to know the Horses in my Life who have now helped, healed or taught many many kids and adults to not only Ride but to love and appreciate the Horse as a Healing, Understanding, and Connecting animals to our Hearts!

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As a child I grew up in the Circus world as my parents were Circus trapeze artists and other acrobatics were in their work and I grew up with "sawdust in my veins" My parents encouraged education as to travel with the circus meant they had to leave their formal education behind.. however they were given the BEST Education ever as they traveled the world and worked in all states in the US for over Sixty years. Being part of this very Superfluous Life is my JOY. IT is an honor to write about my part and their Life as artist who are now included in the reknown Circus Hall of Fame in Sarasota Fla. IT was my honor to give their acceptance Speech and do the Research for that special time in january 2006, At that time I began writing about my own circus and life experience as well as thos of my parents and "circus family" My first book will be directed towards children, however, adults I have found enjoy the Life on the Sawdust Road as well. My dream is that this first book will unfold into many. As now my Circus Background and love and experience with circus horses as well as growing up with horses has led me into the new careers of Carriage horse driver and business of Carousel Cab Carriage Company and my horse assisted program for kids and adults Horse-Connection has supported, taught and entertained hundreds of children from the very developmentally disabled, some hearing impaired and many just to Learn, Laugh and have FUN. My first book about the horse-connection will be one of many is my Hope. I have many supporters in My Circus Family to assist me with other books about my Parent's Colorful Life as Circus Performers!! They had many talents and they even had their own circus The Ward -Bell Circus in the fifties. this Show is wellknown for traveling to Hawaii in the fifties (1955) and then to Alaska the following year. All the preparation was done in Gainesville Texas at the Circus Winter Quarters for the Gainesville Community Circus. This was close to my parent's and childhood home in Dallas, texas also in the outskirts of Duncanville Texas where I atteneded my high school years. Many teachers and friends have encouraged writing as Fun and to document my unusual Life as a "circus brat" ( we were often fondly referred by that name in those years). IT was aloving term for we sometimes had to Entertain ourselves or find a job. Mine was loving and grooming ponies , Liberty horses and sometimes even feeding them and also the elephants. So my love of Animals is HUGE thanks to these Circus Trainers and friends that I well honor in my writings. Most of all my Mom and Dad and their partners in the circus Harold & Millie Ward and the others will be mentioned in honor also as they grew to a Nine People Flying act. Which gave them the acclaimed award in the Hall of Fame for their passing leap. This famous trick was the brainstorm of Harold Ward and Gus Bell, my father. It read: INDUCTED TO THE CIRCUS RING OF FAME JANUARY 21, 2006: WARD-BELL FLYERS THE BRAINCHILD OF HAROLD WARD AND GUS BELL, IT BECAME ONE OF THE MOST ACCLAIMED FLYING RETURN ACTS OF ITS DAY. AT ITS PEAK IN THE 1950'S, IT INLCUDED A DEMONSTRATION OF HIGH PRECISION ACROBATICS ALOFT. IT ENDED WITH ALL NINEMEMBERS IN THE AIR SIMULTANEOUSLY EXECUTING THREE PASSING LEAPS IN UNISION. IT IS MYSELF NIKKI THEISINGER AND MY BROTHER RODNEY BELL SIGNED ON THE PLAQUE AS SPONSORS. This was the Highlight of my life in the circus. To stand and give the honory speech and Give this Loving glory to all who had worked so dedicated to this FEAT. IT was this honor that led to my writing about my Animals and how my parents and these circus folks influenced my life and as child and now as an adult. To take my educational counseling background and use that as a tool to continue their work by Circus Camps for Children and Adults is my dream now and more in the future.

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