The History Teacher's Movie Guide: Choosing and Using the Right Films for Your Classroom

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Richard Di Giacomo, 2008 - Education - 93 pages

Finding, funding, and using the right films and video equipment can be challenging for history teachers.†

Did you know that…

The movie Prince of Egypt was banned in Egypt? In the movie Troy, ancient Trojans are shown using llamas that could only be found in the New World at that time? Oliver Stone’s movie JFK was so controversial that he wrote a whole book defending it? The movie 300 is based on a comic book and not meant to show historical reality at all? No one in the West has ever made a major motion picture featuring the life of Vladimir Lenin? Showing movies in the dark can damage your eyesight? Showing the wrong movie could get you fired or slapped with a heavy fine? There are ways to obtain free educational films? There are some great books and websites that allow you to learn about the objectionable content and historical accuracy of a film before you show it to your students?

This book helps you get good films that are free from bias, anachronisms, or objectionable content.†

There are many great tips on how to use films more effectively in your classroom and interesting assignments to go with them.†

Chapter One: The Do’s and Don’ts of Using Films in Your Classroom 4 Chapter Two: Should I Use a Drama or a Documentary?† 9 Chapter Three: Finding the Right Films† 11 Chapter Four: Funding Your Film Library††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† 18 Chapter Five: Copyright Issues† 25 Chapter Six: Choosing the Right Format of Films & Equipment 28 Chapter Seven: Anachronisms in Film 35 Chapter Eight: Bias in Film 38 Chapter Nine: Films with Violence and Bad Language†† 42 Chapter Ten: Film-related Assignments††† 44 Chapter Eleven: The Best and Worst Dramatic Films for History Classes† 67 Chapter Twelve: Recent Reviews 73 Chapter Thirteen: Films That I Think Should be Made 78 Chapter Fourteen: Recommended Reading† 82 Chapter Fifteen: Dramatic Films Listed by Historical Era 85


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About the author (2008)

†Richard Di Giacomo graduated from San Josť State University with a B.A. in Ancient and Medieval history, a B.A. in Social Science and an M.A. in American History.† He has been a teacher for over 20 years and has taught in a variety of schools from private and continuation schools to public high schools.† He has taught everything from at risk and limited English students to honors and college preparatory classes.† The subjects he has taught include U.S. and World History, Government, Economics, Bible and Ethics, History of the Cold War, and Contemporary World History.†

He has been a reviewer and contributor to textbooks, and a frequent presenter at social studies conferences on the use of simulations, videos, and computers in education.† Rich’s love for historical movies led him to develop this book.† He hopes that it has made you and your students more intelligent consumers of historical films.

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