The History of American Art Education: Learning About Art in American Schools

Bloomsbury Academic, 1996年7月22日 - 252 頁
The ideas, people, and events that developed art education are described and analyzed so that art educators and educators in general will have a better understanding of what has happened (and is happening) to visual art in the schools. Peter Smith raises the issue of art education's inordinate emphasis on Eurocentric art. He challenges the often expressed notion that the field of education is the cause of art education's problems and proposes that confused conceptions within the art world are just as much a root of the difficulty. No other book in art education history gives such close and analytical attention to the careers of women in the field. The materials on Germanic cultural and historical influences are unequaled as is the scholarly treatment of Viktor Lowenfeld, probably the most influential single figure in 20th-century American art education.

關於作者 (1996)

PETER SMITH is Coordinator of Art Education/Art Therapy at the University of New Mexico. He has exhibited his art work in many parts of the United States and is a familiar name in art education journal literature with more than thirty major articles. His 25 year background in public school teaching serves him well as a spokesman of institutional art education.