The History of China, Volum 1

W. Thacker & Company, 1898
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Pàgina 360 - He is of a good stature, neither tall nor short, but of a middle height. He has a becoming amount of flesh, and is very shapely in all his limbs. His complexion is white and red, the eyes black and fine, the nose well formed and well set on." His conquest of Yunnan in ad 1253-54
Pàgina 644 - nobody but you, and in a time of trouble they would listen to no other voice than yours. I know as a matter of fact that we have nothing now to fear, but when the foreign vessels shall come in their thousands and tens of thousands, then it may be that some
Pàgina 297 - of armies, were exalted to a position next to himself. The one was made prince on his right side, the other on his left, for, he said, " It is to you that I owe my Empire. You are and have been to me as the shafts of a carriage, or the arms to a man's body.
Pàgina 45 - written, and it is not difficult to understand why such was the case, that "the skilful disarming of the provinces added daily to the wealth and prosperity of the capital." The Hall of Audience in the palace was ornamented with twelve statues, made from the spoil of his numerous
Pàgina 299 - I thought that your sovereigns were of the race of the gods ; but do you suppose that I am going to do homage to [such an imbecile as that?" Chonghei brooded over this second affront, and allowed his personal pique to so far influence his policy that, when an occasion offered, he did not hesitate to assume
Pàgina 635 - excellently proportioned and above the middle height; all the features of the countenance are regular ; his eyes bright and larger than is usual with his nation ; the nose slightly curved and drooping at the point; and the few marks left by the smallpox detract nothing from the charm which is conspicuous throughout his person.
Pàgina 636 - it would be ungracious, if not impossible, to say in what respect he falls short of complete equality with either, so numerous and conspicuous were his talents and his virtues. His long friendship and high consideration for the Christian missionaries have no doubt contributed to bring his name and the events of his reign more prominently before Europe than
Pàgina 286 - You and your master," he said to the envoy, "deceive yourselves if you believe me to be capable of approving an act of treason, whatever the personal advantage it might procure me. I love all peoples of whatever nation they may be, and I wish to see them at peace with one another.
Pàgina 476 - intrepid, inured to fatigue, despising life, and knowing well how to face death ; although inferior in number, a hundred of them would blush to flee before a thousand foreigners, and, if they did, they would not dare to return to their country. Sentiments such as these, which are instilled into them from their earliest childhood, render them terrible in battle.
Pàgina 638 - the death of his father, and his own accession to the throne, he said that on the advice of his ministers he had entered upon the discharge of his

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