The History of Cleveland, in the North Riding of the County of York: Comprehending an Historical and Descriptive View of the Ancient and Present State of Each Parish Within the Wapontake of Langbargh; the Soil, Produce, and Natural Curiosities; with the Origin and Genealogy of the Principal Families Within the District

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F. Jollie and sons, 1808 - 486
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Strona 27 - Such was the tenure by grand serjeanty, per magnum servitium, whereby the tenant was bound, instead of serving the king generally in his wars, to do some special honorary service to the king in person ; as to carry his banner, his sword, or the like ; or to be his butler, champion, or other officer at his coronation. It was in most other respects like knight-service ; only he was not bound to pay aid, or escuage, and, when tenant by knight-service paid five pounds for a relief...
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Strona 28 - Cop. §. 52. of cuftoms that prevail in different manors, with regard both to the defcent of the eftates, and the privileges belonging to the tenants.
Strona 28 - They could not leave their lord without his permission : but if they ran away, or were purloined from him, might be claimed and recovered by action, like beasts or other chattels.
Strona 26 - Secondly, where the service was not only free, but also certain, as by fealty only, by rent and fealty, &c., that tenure was called liberum socagium, or free socage. These were the only free holdings or tenements; the others were villenous or servile: as, thirdly, where the service was base in its nature, and uncertain as to time and quantity, the tenure was purum villenagium (absolute or pure villenage).

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