The History of Great Britain During the Reign of Queen Anne, Հատոր 2

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Chapman and Hall, 1876 - 551 էջ
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Explore the history of Queen Anne and her reign in this volume by Frederick William Wyon.

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Էջ 139 - Neither was it mine adversary that did magnify himself against me; for then peradventure I would have hid myself from him : 14 But it was even thou, my companion, my guide, and mine own familiar friend.
Էջ 431 - It is strange I cannot speak for this man, though I could readily fight for him...
Էջ 446 - Wyndham made a motion for a bill to prevent the growth of schism, and for the further security of the church of England, as by law established.
Էջ 307 - Nottingham, who had now associated himself with the whigs, inveighed against the preliminaries as captious and insufficient, and offered a clause to be inserted in the address of thanks, representing to her majesty, that in the opinion of the house, no peace could be safe or honourable to Great Britain or Europe, if Spain and the West Indies should be allotted to any branch of the house of Bourbon.
Էջ 249 - The two houses of parliament, in an address to the queen, declared their belief, that Mr. Harley's fidelity to her majesty, and zeal for her service, had drawn upon him the hatred of all the abettors of popery and faction*.
Էջ 167 - Sacheverell does not only take up all my time, but very much impairs my health, and how it will end I am not at all certain. But I certainly wish it had never begun, for it has occasioned a very great ferment, and given opportunity to a great many people to be impertinent, who always had the intention, but wanted the opportunity of shewing it.
Էջ 456 - ... your own. I am firmly persuaded that you would not suffer the smallest diminution of your authority ; I am no less delicate in that respect ; and I am determined to oppose a project so contrary to my royal authority, however fatal the consequences may be.
Էջ 194 - I think it is impossible for her to have any quiet or ease in the hands I think she is running into. If we have a battle, it must be the last ; for it will be in all likelihood in a plain, where there is neither tree nor hedge : I hope God will bless me with another opportunity of giving a mark of my zeal for the queen and my country, and then I shall be less concerned at the behaviour I have received of late.
Էջ 322 - ... pocketed a deduction of two and a half per cent, from the pay of the foreign troops maintained by England.
Էջ 428 - I imagine a person of quality prevailed on to marry a woman much his inferior, and without a groat to her fortune, and her friends arguing she was as good as her husband, because she brought him as numerous a family of relations and servants as she found in his house.

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