The History of Tammany Hall

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Boni & Liveright, Incorporated, 1917 - New York (N.Y.) - 414 pages

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Page 79 - That hereditary transmission of wealth, on the one hand, and poverty on the other, has brought down to the present generation all the evils of the feudal system — -and that this, in our opinion, is the prime source of all our calamities.
Page 12 - There's a barrel of porter at Tammany Hall, And the bucktails are swigging it all the night long; In the time of my boyhood 'twas pleasant to call For a seat and cigar, 'mid the jovial throng.
Page 40 - York ; on the subject of a canal communication between the great western lakes and the tide waters of the Hudson. By a Friend to his country, np, Printed for the author, 1816.
Page 153 - Wood escaped by one day. circular said, had originated "in a fraternity of patriots, solemnly consecrated to the independence, the popular liberty and the federal union of the country.
Page 79 - We consider it an exclusive privilege for one portion of the community to have the means of education in colleges, while another is restricted to common schools, or, perhaps, by extreme poverty, even deprived of the limited education to be acquired in those establishments. Our voice, therefore, shall be raised in favor of a system of education which shall be equally open to all, as in a real republic, it should be.
Page 175 - It has been estimated that in 1854 there "were about 40,000 shiftless, unprincipled persons who lived by their wits and the labor of others. The trade of a part of these was turning primary elections, packing nominating conventions, repeating, and breaking up meetings." Wood also systematized naturalization. A card bearing the following legend was the open sesame to American citizenship: "Common Pleas: Please naturalize the bearer. N. Seagrist, Chairman.
Page 341 - My friends," he asserted in a speech in Tammany Hall, on October 19, 1909, " we are going to build the subways. We do not intend that a single subway or a franchise for it shall be passed over to any of these men.
Page 203 - ... would kill off most of their poetry. I do not wonder that Ritson and Percy quarrelled. It was his misfortune that Ritson quarrelled with everybody. Yet Ritson was a scrupulously honest man; he was so vulgarly sturdy in his honesty that he would make all folk tell the truth even though the truth were of such a character as to bring the blush of shame to the devil's hardened cheek. On the other hand, Percy believed that there were certain true things which should not be opened out in the broad...
Page 79 - That it was substantially feudal in its character, inasmuch as those who received enormous and unequal possessions were lords, and those who received little or nothing were vassals.
Page 20 - Order, for the purpose of affording relief to the indigent and distressed' members of the said association, their widows and orphans, and others who may be found proper objects of their charity...

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