The History of the Life and Reign of the Empress Catharine:: Containing a Short History of the Russian Empire, from Its First Foundation to the Time of the Death of that Princess, Volume 1

William Meadows, bookseller in Cornhill; and M. Read, in White-Fryars., 1744
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Pagina 208 - Idem, ibid. now addrefied them with great civility, and told them, that he thought they ought to be fatisfied with the czar's aflurance, given the day before, that he would remedy the diforders of which they complained : that his majefty had commanded him to tell them as much, and to advife them to return to their refpe&ive homes, that he might the better perform what he had promifed them.
Pagina 375 - Merchants in his Dominions to be arrefted, and threatened to confifcate all their Effects, which amounted to above fifty Millions, if the Britijh Nation made War upon him : And at the fame Time, to caft all the Blame on the Court of Great Britain, his...
Pagina 36 - ... courage than their captain. They therefore fet fail, and in a few days found themfelves in a fea where they could no longer perceive any night. This (hip, wandering about, entered foon after into a large bay or gulf. Here they caft anchor, in fight of...
Pagina 250 - ^ good friend and neighbour, the king of that country, *' why did you not do it before the war, by giving him " wholefome advice ? You might even have been a diligent " and faithful mediator between the moft high Ottoman " Porte and him. But at prefent, when you threaten us, that the kings your neighbours will not fuffer the progrefs of our arms, of which they are jealous ; Know, that we ourfelves pay little regard to fuch menaces ; being...
Pagina 386 - An order was likewise published a few days after at Petersburg, requiring the magistrates and all persons to subscribe the same declaration ; and all the grandees of the empire were commanded...
Pagina 338 - Turks, who have no ranks of npbilky, neither that which is annexed to certain employments, nor that which confifts in titles. With them...
Pagina 380 - Conjlantinople had with tie changed the laft treaty concluded with the Porte into a treaty Turks. for a perpetual peace, the ratifications of which he immediately difpatched. About the fame time he took o'ccafion toexaFanbcr mine into feveral diforders that had crept into his treafury, reforma- anc^ made fuch a reformation therein, as produced an annual tiom in foving of upwards of one hundred thoufand rubles.
Pagina 206 - ... apartments, and take away all they found there, if Pleffeou was not immediately delivered up to them. MOROSOU went out into a balcony, and endeavoured to appeafe the people, exhorting them, in the name of his czarifh majefty, to go back to their homes, and make no farther difturbance : but they told him, that they had as much to fay to him as to the other ; and accordingly, fome of them went immediately to his palace, which they forced, ranfacked, and demolished in a moment, after throwing one...
Pagina 89 - Poloczktnu : to which Stephen made no reply ; but gave the mediator to underftand, that peace could not be made unlefs the czar yielded all Livonia to the crown of Poland.- The jefuit, upon this, fent a courier to Bti/ilowitz, who immediately named Zapolicia, a town about ninety werfts from Plesiaw, for the conference to be held in, under the mediation of the pope*1.

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