The History of the Revolutions that Happened in the Government of the Roman Republic. Written in French by the Abbot de Vertot, ... . The Second Edition. English'd by Mr. Ozell from the Original Newly Re-printed at Paris, with Amendments and Additions by the Author Himself, in Amost Every Page. ...

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W. Taylor at the Ship in Pater-noster-row, J. Pemberton at the Buck in Fleetstreet, and E. Symon in Cornhill., 1721 - Rome - 8 pages
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Page 23 - Curiofity touch'd the Beard of one of the old Senators, that generous old Man, not being us'd to fuch Familiarity, gave him a Blow on the Head with his Ivory Stick. The Soldier, in Revenge, Immediately killed him ; and at the fame Time, the other old Men and the Priefts were flaughter'd like him in their Chairs. All thofe Inhabitants that had not been able to efcape, were put to the Sword, without Diftinction of Age or Sex.
Page 222 - ... him with money, troops, and ships, to maintain a war against the faction of China and Marius. / Sylla, without seeming offended at first with such proposals, exhorted him on his side to withdraw himself from the slavery in which he lived, under an imperious and cruel prince. He, added, that he might take upon him the title of king in his government, and offered to have him declared the ally and friend of the Roman people, if he would deliver up to him Mithridates's fleet under his command. Archelaus...
Page 89 - Republic depended j yet thefe Difcourfes, which he often repeated, got him the Praifes and the Affection of the Multitude. They were overjoyed at having a Tribune of fo much Wifdom, and fo full of Zeal for the Interefts of the People. TIBERIUS having eftablifhed his Credit, and finding the Minds of the Citizens, in that Warmth and Emotion which was fo neceflary to the Succefs of his Defigns, convened the Aflembly, which was to proceed to the Publication, or, to fpeak more properly, to the Revival...
Page 8 - Virginia to leave his Army under the Command of his Lieutenants, and repair immediately to Rome, to anfwer to the Complaints which his Colleague preferred againft him. The Difpute was managed with great Acrimony, and the Two Military Tribunes ran into Invectives againft each other.
Page 16 - Cods, mould themfelves compute the Value of their Booty, and bring the Tenth Part of that Value to the Queftors, in order to make an Offering worthy of the Piety and Majefty of the Roman People. This Contribution, exacted at a wrong Time, irritated the People againft Camilhs. Their Tribunes greedily feiz'd this Occafion of falling upon him.
Page 21 - Provisions they could get together ; and that they might laft the longer, admitted none into the Place, but what were capable of defending it. Moft of the old Men, Women and Children, feeing themfelves without Governors, or any Scheme to follow, hid themfelves in the Fields, and difperfed among the neighbouring Towns. But the old Senators, rather than bear a Load of Mifery and feeble old Age among Strangers, refolved to bury themfelves under the Ruins of their Country, and to end their Days in a...
Page 314 - A small number of citizens, by turns, disposed of the command of the armies, as also the government and revenues of the provinces. They being arbiters of peace and war, and accustomed to the homages and honours that go along with sovereign power, it happened very seldom that any of them, at the quitting of their great places, could easily resolve to return to a private life, because this would put them again upon a level with their fellow-citizens.
Page 407 - Parts of a Crown, took him by his Foible , and remonftrated to him, That he had done too much to go back ; That after fo much Bloodfhed , there...
Page 32 - Terror 5 they now think no more of Conqueft $ their whole Study is how to avoid being conquered themfelves ; they intrench themfelves in their Camp, which they fortify with a ftrong Pallifade of Stakes, and by felling great Rows of Trees, which they lay before it.
Page vii - The History of the Revolutions that happened in the Government of the Roman Republic.

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