The Hitherto Unidentified Contributions of W. M. Thackeray to "Punch": With a Complete and Authoritative Bibliography from 1843 to 1848

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Page 353 - This New and Revised Edition comprises additional material and hitherto Unpublished Letters, Sketches, and Drawings, derived from the Author's Original MSS.
Page 73 - RULES. To be observed by the English People on occasion of the Visit of His Imperial Majesty, NICHOLAS, Emperor of all the Russias.1 As the Imperial Autocrat of all the Russians...
Page 154 - A plan in my pate is To give my romance as A supplement gratis." Says Colburn to Ainsworth '"Twill do very nicely, For that will be charging Its value precisely.
Page 196 - June 15. — Passed in great anxiety, after harassing about for several hours in the heat of the sun." " June 16. — Sat from two to five o'clock staring at my picture like an idiot ; my brain pressed down by anxiety and the anxious looks of my family, whom I have been compelled to inform of my condition.
Page 354 - Latin expressions In the story is included.) SOCIAL PICTORIAL SATIRE. Reminiscences and Appreciations of English Illustrators of the Past Generation. With Illustrations by the Author and Others. Post 8vo, Cloth, Ornamental, $1 50. A LEGEND OF CASIELOT.
Page 292 - ... facts not narrated in a newspaper I should hesitate to believe them. But they are in print, and cause neither denial, nor surprise, nor indignation ! The shops are not closed; the tocsin is not sounding; the phlegmatic people are not in arms, but move with restless egoism on the affairs of commerce. I feel that I am about to gaze on awful convulsions in the midst of a great, a doomed, a terrible people...
Page 204 - Five onions next prepares the little minx (The biggest are the best her Samiwel thinks). And Epping butter, nearly half a pound, And stews them in a pan until they're brown'd. What's next my dexterous little girl will do? She pops the meat into the savory stew, With curry powder...
Page 166 - JAMES to shoot the grouses. The QUEEN and all the Court are out In Germany and Flanders, And, happy midst his native kraut, My princely ALBERT wanders. No more the dumpy Palace arch The Royal Standard graces; Alone, upon his lonely march, The yawning sentry paces.' Beneath an elm-tree, on a bank, I mused, (for tired my hunch was,) And there in slumber soft I sank. And this the dream of Punch was. THE DREAM I dreamed it was a chair of gold, The grassy bank I sat on; I dreamed SAINT EDWARD'S sceptre...
Page 57 - RA, treats us with some magnificent pieces. " 34. A Typhoon bursting in a Simoom over the Whirlpool of Maelstrom, Norway; with a ship on fire, an eclipse, and the effect of a lunar rainbow. " O Art, how vast thy mighty wonders are, To those who roam upon the extraordinary deep ; Maelstrom, thy hand is here.
Page 354 - Post 8vo, Cloth, Ornamental, $1 50. Three-quarter Calf, $3 25 ; Three-quarter Crushed Levant, $4 25. ENGLISH SOCIETY. Sketched by GEORGE DU MAURIER. About 100 Illustrations. With an Introduction by WD HOWELLS. Oblong 4to, Cloth, Ornamental, $2 50.

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