The Hollow Tree

Front Cover, 2011 - Germany - 169 pages
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To be an unbending adherent in a world of stony realities,' Herbert had remarked, 'is to ask for trouble. Not because of ones allegiance, but because such an ally will be forced to conform or be squashed, trampled on or in the end annihilated by the crude laughter of fate. 'the Hollow Tree is a tale of love and loyalty in a time of war. Sometimes love isn't convenient and loyalty doesn't always serve justice and, sadly, even young lovers cannot heal a torn-up world. Somewhere in this darkly disturbing fable a tiny spark of hope beckons life anew as the imaginary narrator mysteriously keeps on living. Although it is written as a novel, The Hollow Tree recalls Jacob Rosenberg's prize-winning autobiographical memoirs, East of Time and Sunrise West. Jacob Rosenberg died in October 2008, at the age of 86, having lost his family in the death camps of Auschwitz-Birkenau, and before he could see his ultimate work in print. This deeply moving novel is the final legacy of a master storyteller. Praise for East of Time, winner of the 2006 NSW Premier's Award for non-fiction and the 2007 National Biography Award. 'rosenberg's lyricism and mastery of language puts him up there with other Jewish masters of story: Singer, Potok and Levi. He has that essential element of greatness, a flavour all his own, a voice and style distinct from any other.'

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