The Home modification of cow's milk

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Mellia's food Company, 1900 - 32 pages

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Page 12 - Breathed his sighs o'er all the landscape, From the South-land sent his ardors, Wafted kisses warm and tender; And the maize-field grew and ripened, Till it stood in all the splendor Of its garments green and yellow, Of its tassels and its plumage, And the maize-ears full and shining Gleamed from bursting sheaths of verdure.
Page 37 - In no instance have I seen scurvy arise in an infant at the breast, or when fed on an ample supply of good cow's milk. . . . Children brought up on dried foods alone are apt to become pallid, deficient in robust vitality, and even rachitic." Also, "Although sterilized milk answers admirably for a time, children kept on it throughout eventually lose firmness of flesh and vigor, and do not thrive into robustness.
Page 19 - ... reason which will answer, in part, the above questions is that during the natural process of digestion a portion of the Mellin's Food in the prepared diet is occluded in the casein as it is precipitated by the rennet in the infant's stomach. The occluded Mellin's Food retains its solubility, leaving the casein soft, flocculent, sponge-like, easily permeated by the digestive juices and incapable of existing as a tough, tenacious curd. Thus Mellin's Food actually modifies the character of the casein....
Page 30 - ... led into the error of thinking that as the sugar in milk is that designed by nature as the best saccharine nutrient, therefore the isolated sugar must fulfill the same function. This is not the truth. Sugar of milk in that fluid is all assimilated, and the milk sugar of commerce when added to baby food is eliminated both by the kidneys and bowels.
Page 38 - Mellin's Food is a means to aid the physician in modifying fresh cow's milk for infant feeding. It is composed of Maltose, Dextrins, Proteins and Salts and each one of these food elements has an important place in the adjustment of cow's milk to meet the requirements of the infant deprived of natural nourishment. Mellin's Food Company, Boston, Mass. their patients by vaccination...
Page 36 - Scurvy property, and it would seem that its power of making red blood — its hasmic virtue — is in some degree impaired.

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