The Honeymoon Ends with "I Do"

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Ever wondered why we use the expression, "the honeymoon must be over"? More importantly, why do we use it to describe any sort of relationship that is inevitably doomed to sour? From political alliances to business partnerships, once things finally go downhill, we all seem to agree that the best metaphor to characterize this built-in obsolescence is Marriage.And for good reason! Much as we might be loath to openly admit it, we realize that the joy of Marriage is a fleeting one, that the love which joyfully draws a couple together soon gives way once a couple says, "I do."And yet, all the experts have told us that "marriage failure" comes from without . until now!Unlike thousands of other experts promising ways to make Marriage work, social reformer, political activist and anthropology enthusiast, Rick Lannoye, has boldly stepped forward to question whether or not there just might be something about Tying the Knot "itself" that chokes love to death!"The Honeymoon Ends With "I Do"" is the result of an arduous, personal journey alongside a decade of intense research on how Marriage damages love. However, it's also a revelation of what can be done to make love thrive again.

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