The Horseless Age: The Automobile Trade Magazine, Volume 7

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Horseless Age Company, 1900 - Automobile industry and trade

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Page 280 - The design of the patent laws is to reward those who make some substantial discovery or invention, which adds to our knowledge and makes a step in advance in the useful arts. Such inventors are worthy of all favor.
Page 280 - It follows from this principle that where the public has acquired in any way the right to use a machine or device for a particular purpose it has the right to use it for all the like purposes to which it can be applied, and no one can take out a patent to cover the application of the device to a similar purpose.
Page 280 - It was never the object of those laws to grant a monopoly for every trifling device, every shadow of a shade of an idea, which would naturally and spontaneously occur to any skilled mechanic or operator in the ordinary progress of manufactures.
Page 317 - No loose hay, loose cotton or loose hemp, camphene, nitro-glycerine, naphtha, benzine, benzole, coal oil, crude or refined petroleum, or other like explosive burning fluids, or like dangerous articles, shall be carried as freight or used as stores on any steamer carrying passengers...
Page 211 - Indeed, it often requires as acute a perception of the relation between cause and effect, and as much of the peculiar intuitive genius which is a characteristic of great inventors, to grasp the idea that a device used in one art may be made available in another, as would be necessary to create the device de novo.
Page 82 - We have decided to carry at all our plants a large stock of Raw Material, from which we can furnish with great promptness any ordinary order for Steel Bridges, Roofs, Buildings, Columns, Girders, Beams, Channels, Angles, Plates, etc., etc.
Page 59 - That nothing in the foregoing or following sections of this Act shall prohibit the use, by steam vessels carrying passengers for hire, of lifeboats equipped with gasoline motors, and tanks containing gasoline for the operation of said motor-driven lifeboats: Provided. however, That no gasoline shall be carried other than that in the tanks of the lifeboats: Provided further, That...
Page 59 - Nothing in the foregoing or following sections of this Act shall prohibit the transportation by steam vessels of gasoline or any of the products of petroleum when carried by motor vehicles (commonly known as automobiles) using the same as a source of motive power: Provided, however, That all fire, if any, in such vehicles or automobiles be extinguished immediately after entering the said vessel, and that the same be not relighted until immediately before said vehicle shall leave the vessel...
Page 29 - ... diagnoses of new or noteworthy plants. Among the latter are two new species of Rhizophoracea?, a Gynotrochea growing in forest at an altitude of 4000 feet, and a Pellacalyx, also new species of Eugenia and of Saurauia. THE original habitat of the coconut palm has often been the subject of speculation. In a paper read before the Ceylon branch of the Royal Asiatic Society, Mr.
Page 337 - If the defendant's motor carriage is practicable for the purpose of travel and the noise and vapor caused by its use are kept within reasonable limitations and are no greater than are fairly incident to the use of motor carriages which are found adapted to the needs of the general public, then I cannot see how the defendant can be held liable in the absence of evidence that at the particular time complained of the carriage was operated carelessly. If one should find...

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