The Hot Springs Medical Journal, Volume 9, Issue 8

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Page 240 - Each fluid drachm represents 15 grains of the Combined CP Bromides of Potassium, Sodium, Calcium, Ammonium and Lithium.
Page 189 - Send for our scientific treatise on topical and internal administration and reports of hundreds of cases. THE BOVININE CO., 75 West Houston St., New York. LEEMING MILES & CO., MONTREAL. Sole Agents for the Dominion of Canada.
Page 223 - Physicians will find the Polyclinic an excellent means for posting themselves upon modern progress in all branches of medicine and surgery. The specialties are fully taught, including laboratory work. For further information address New Orleans Polyclinic, Postoffice box 797, New Orleans, La. SANDER & SONS EUCALPTOL (pure volatile Eucalypti Extract) In an article on inhalations of Eucalpytus in Diphtheria, by Prof.
Page 225 - I, 1900. It will be devoted to the consideration of the technic of surgical procedures, at a subscription price of $1.00 a year.
Page 234 - New (2d) edition. By Robert W. Taylor, MD, Clinical Professor of Venereal Diseases in the College of Physicians and Surgeons, New York. In one handsome octavo volume of 435 pages, with 91 illustrations and 13 plates in colors and monochrome. Cloth, $3.00 net. Lea Brothers & Co. , Philadelphia and New York. In preparing the first edition of this work the author "builded better than he knew.
Page 208 - Therefore, my conclusion is that we are not justified in holding a single case of appendicitis beyond the first twenty-four hours after the diagnosis is made, and it is my belief that, in an enormous percentage of the cases, the diagnosis can be made as absolutely in the first twenty-four hours as it can at any other time.
Page 196 - The valvular arrangement of the rectum provides for the minimum expenditure of energy on the part of the voluntary forces for the reason that the gut's contents are collected on the surface of the unyielding sacrum and steadied there to receive the pressure of the really expulsory voluntary effort. Such an arrangement of the feces further facilitates defecation for the reason that the entire contents of the rectum are not rushed upon the anus at once.
Page 222 - Pittsburg. 16. A satisfactory method for suspension of the uterus, Robert T.% Morris, New York. 17. Paper (title undetermined), HW Longyear, Detroit. 18. Some points regarding surgery of the gall-bladder, A. Vander Veer, Albany. 19. Surgery of the liver and bile ducts, WG Macdonald, Albany.
Page 221 - If for diagnosis alone 10 or 15 are usually ample. If for therapeutic purposes it may seem desirable to remove several times that amount. The quantity of fluid which can be safely withdrawn varies enormously in different individuals and under different pathological conditions. Perhaps the safest guide is the condition of the patient. The flow should be stopped at once upon the appearance of such symptoms as headache, faintness or a change in the character of the pulse. Kroenig relies upon the...
Page 239 - Gout and all of those diseases arising from a gouty condition of the system, rheumatism and all of those diseases arising from a general rheumatic condition, chronic constipation, hepatic torpor and obesity. In all cases where there is a pronounced leaning to corpulency, it reduces to a minimum the always present tendency to apoplexy. In malaria because of its wonderful action on the liver, increasing twofold the power of quinine.

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