The House on Henry Street

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Henry Holt, 1915 - Poor - 317 pages

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Page 322 - Folks," etc. A history of the black man in Africa, America or wherever else his presence has been or is important.
Page 322 - THE STOCK EXCHANGE. By FW Hirst, Editor of the London Economist. Reveals to the non-financial mind the facts about investment, speculation, and the other terms which the title suggests.
Page 322 - IRISH NATIONALITY By MRS. JR GREEN. A brilliant account of the genius and mission of the Irish people. "An entrancing work, and I would advise every one with a drop of Irish blood in his veins or a vein of Irish sympathy in his heart to read it.
Page 322 - ELEMENTS OF ENGLISH LAW. By WM Geldart, Vinerian Professor of English Law, Oxford. A simple statement of the basic principles of the English legal system on which that of the United States is based.
Page 322 - MA 79. UNEMPLOYMENT. By AC Pigou, MA, Professor of Political Economy at Cambridge. The meaning, measurement, distribution, and effects of unemployment, its relation to wages, trade fluctuations, and disputes, and some proposals of remedy or relief. 80.
Page 322 - Elements of English Law. By WM GELDART, Vinerian Professor of English Law, Oxford. A simple statement of the basic principles of the English legal system on which that of the United States is based. 32. The School: An Introduction to the Study of Education. By JJ FINDLAY, Professor of Education, Manchester. Presents the history, the psychological basis, and the theory of the school with a rare power of summary and suggestion.
Page 322 - Nature. 49. Elements of Political Economy. By SJ CHAPMAN, Professor of Political Economy and Dean of Faculty of Commerce and Administration, University of Manchester. A clear statement of the theory of the subject for non-expert readers. 11. The Science of Wealth. By JA HOBSON, author of Problems of Poverty.
Page 6 - ... although the sick woman lay on a wretched, unclean bed, soiled with a hemorrhage two days old, they were not degraded human beings, judged by any measure of moral values. In fact, it was very plain that they were sensitive to their condition, and when, at the end of my ministrations, they kissed my hands (those who have undergone similar experiences will, I am sure, understand), it would have been some solace if by any conviction of the moral unworthiness of the family I could have defended myself...
Page 4 - I had been giving a lesson in bedmaking, a little girl led me one drizzling March morning. She had told me of her sick mother, and gathering from her incoherent account that a child had been born, I caught up the paraphernalia of the bedmaking lesson and carried it with me. The child led me over broken roadways...
Page 305 - It seeks to all but close entirely the gates of asylum which have always been open to those who could find nowhere else the right and opportunity of constitutional agitation for what they conceived to be the natural and inalienable rights rf men ; and it excludes those to whom the opportunities of elementary education have been denied, without regard to their character, their purposes, or their natural capacity.

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