The Hull dramatic censor

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Page 56 - He might, perhaps, have pleas'd an easy age ; But now appears a copy, and no more, Of something better we have seen before. The actor who would build a solid fame, Must Imitation's servile arts disclaim ; Act from himself, on Iiis own bottom stand ; I hate e'en Garrick thus at second-hand.
Page 55 - But sends a warmth into my heart, a glow Of buoyant youthfulness. Age doth not freeze Our human sympathies; the sap fails not, Although the trunk be rugged. Age can feel, And think, and act. Oh, noble senators, Ye do mistake my crime. I am too young; I am not like to die; and they who wait Wax weary for my seat.
Page 14 - Comment that your Care can find, Some here, some there, may hit the Poet's Mind; Yet be not blindly guided by the Throng; The Multitude is always in the Wrong.
Page 75 - What's in a name? A rose by any other name, would smell as sweet.
Page 72 - ... and reduce him to the level of a brute. I was in despair, when, at the cry " Present arms ! " followed by this warning, " Cannoneer, mind what you do ; here is the adjutant, here is Bevignac," he suddenly seemed quite to come to himself. A shower-bath falling from a height of fifty feet, upon a maniac's...
Page 53 - But the Piece wants interest — it wants variety — it wants activity — it is too barren of incident — and very little art has been employed in the conduct of the plot.
Page 60 - No farther seek her merits to disclose, Or draw her frailties from their dread abode : There they alike in trembling hope repose, — The bosom of her Father, and her God.

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