The Illinois Whigs Before 1846

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University of Illinois, 1915 - Illinois - 157 pages

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Page 125 - ... prior to Van Buren's coming into office, and contrasted conditions then with the depressed state of business and agriculture of the past four years. He roundly denounced the Sub-Treasury Act as an ill-advised piece of partisan legislation. He expressed the conventional Whig views on the tariff and the distribution of the proceeds from the sale of the public lands. In regard to the Bank of the United States, which was to the Whigs one of the most important issues of the campaign, Badger declared...
Page 123 - In short, sir, we have been too long subject to the policy of British merchants. It is time we should become a little more AMERICANIZED, and instead of feeding paupers and laborers of England, feed our own; or else, in a short time, by continuing our present policy, we shall be paupers ourselves.
Page 12 - I shall in this county [Pope] get a large vote, about one-half, some say more. I made a speech and excited warm opposition from slavemen, but still warmer support from freemen." Cook to Edwards, August 3, 1818. Washburne, Edwards, 145. retiring senator were able to defeat the measure in the house ; and a little later Edwards was re-elected for a term of six years, rceiving twenty- three votes to sixteen for Jones.11 During this contest Edwards remained at his post at Washington. He seems to have...
Page 23 - ... unwarrantable proceedings (an account of which you have no doubt seen in the newspapers), succeeded in passing a resolution requiring the sense of the people to be taken at the next general election (August, 1824), on the propriety of calling a convention for the purpose of altering the constitution. Knowing that this measure would be strenuously urged during the late session of the Legislature, and that many who professed to be hostile to the further introduction of Slavery, would advocate it,...
Page 9 - Pope was the first territorial secretary, holding that position until 1816, when he was elected delegate to Congress. Cook came to the territory in 1815, became auditor of public accounts the next year, served as clerk of the territorial house of representatives from 1816 to 1818, and in the latter year was 'The study of Illinois politics from 1809 to about 1822 has been unsatisfactory. As far as the writer has been able to ascertain there is little contemporary evidence on the subject.
Page 31 - Ford, History of Illinois, 64. This evidence may be biased, as Ford and Edwards were confidential friends about this time. See Washburne, Edwards, 438. In a letter to Henry Clay, Edwards says: "As to myself, I had to encounter all the opposition of the great body of the Jackson interest, and to tell you the truth (for I feel no motive to conceal anything of the kind) I used all the policy in my power, and freely subjected myself to great risk, to force all my opponents to come out on that side of...
Page 65 - ... concentrate all power in the executive — to unite in his hand the purse and the sword — to create two species of currency, gold and silver for pampered office holders and rags for the people, the laborers, and producers of the country: and that it will fasten a swarm of sub-treasurers as leaches on the public monies, whose security to the government after they are glutted, will be like that of Price and Swartwout — leg bail in a foreign land.
Page 70 - If you ever come to Vincennes you will find a plate, and a knife, and fork at my table, and I assure you that you will never find my door shut and the string of the latch pulled in.
Page 86 - This ised the clerkship of Champaign County for his affirmative vote on the judiciary bill. In the campaign for the presidential nomination in 1912, Mr. Roosevelt's Columbus (Ohio) address was contrasted with the above protest in order to show that he was out of harmony with Mr. Lincoln's attitude toward the sacredness of the judiciary. Considering the circumstances surrounding the protest there is nothing to indicate that it was anything more than an attempt on the part of the Whigs to put themselves...
Page 35 - ... that the appointment would be recalled if a justifiable cause could be afforded, will not do justice to the feelings of the President. I am confident that he is as much or more mortified than you or I at it, but what are we to do? It only remains for you to make the best use you can of these things. Relax not in your efforts. Prove that your support of the President is sincere. Write to HIM in confidence, and all that has transpired will tend to increase instead of diminish your future influence.

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