The Indian Limitation Act, 1877, as Amended by Subsequent Acts of the Legislative Council of India: With Commentaries, and Notes of Cases Decided Thereon, Including Cases Decided in the Chief Court Panjab

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Education Society's steam Press, 1900 - Limitation of actions - 478 pages

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Page 232 - In an action brought to recover a balance due upon a mutual, open, and current account, where there have been reciprocal demands between the parties, the cause of action is deemed to have accrued from the time of the last item proved in the account on either side.
Page 51 - ... against a person in whom property has become vested in trust for any specific purpose, or against his legal representatives or assigns (not being assigns for valuable consideration), for the purpose of following in his or their hands such property or the proceeds thereof, or for an account of such property or proceeds, shall be barred by any length of time.
Page 39 - When his disability continues up to his death, his representative in interest may institute the suit within the same period after the death as would otherwise have been allowed from the time prescribed therefor in the third column of the same schedule. Nothing in this section shall be deemed to extend, for more than three years from the cessation of the disability or the death of the person affected thereby, the period within which the suit must be brought.
Page 69 - In computing the period of limitation prescribed for any suit, the time during which the plaintiff has been prosecuting with due diligence another civil proceeding, whether in a Court of first instance or in a Court of appeal, against the defendant, shall be excluded, where the proceeding is founded upon the same cause of action, and is prosecuted in good faith in a Court which, from defect of jurisdiction, or other cause of a like nature, is unable to entertain it.
Page 102 - One anna, cceding twenty rupees in amount or value, written or signed by or on behalf of, a debtor in order to supply evidence of such debt in any book (other than a banker's pass-book) or on a separate piece of paper when such book or paper is left in the creditor's possession...
Page 134 - ... means a person who has not attained the age of eighteen years; (/) "person" does not include any company or association or body of individuals, whether incorporated or not...
Page 8 - includes also a right, not arising from contract, by which one person is entitled to remove and appropriate for his own profit any part of the soil belonging to another, or anything growing in, or attached to, or subsisting upon, the land of another...
Page 141 - That when any land or water upon, over, or from which any such way or other convenient watercourse or use of water shall have been or shall be enjoyed or derived hath been or shall be held under or by virtue of any term of life, or any term of years exceeding three years from the granting thereof, the time of the enjoyment of any such way or other matter...
Page 80 - Effect of fraud. kept from the knowledge of such right, or of the title on which it is founded, or where any document necessary to establish such right has been fraudulently concealed from him, the time limited for instituting a suit or making an application...
Page 104 - In order to take a case out of the statute of limitations, by a part payment, it must appear, in the first place, that the payment was made on account of a debt.

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