The Indian Limitation Act, 1877, as Amended by Subsequent Acts of the Legislative Council of India: With Commentaries, and Notes of Cases Decided Thereon

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Thacker, Spink, 1891 - Limitation of actions - 351 pages
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Page 60 - ... against any person claiming through him otherwise than in good faith and for a valuable consideration, shall be computed from the time when the fraud first became known to the person injuriously affected thereby, or, in the case of the concealed document, when he first had the means of producing it or compelling its production.
Page 303 - Court, or 3. (where there has been a review of judgment) the date of the decision passed on the review, or 4. (where the application next hereinafter mentioned has been made) the date of applying...
Page 96 - ... means a person who has not attained the age of eighteen years; (/) "person" does not include any company or association or body of individuals, whether incorporated or not...
Page 62 - ... the party against whom such property or right is claimed, or by some person through whom he derives title or liability, a now period of limitation, according to the nature of the original liability, shall be computed from the time when the acknowledgment was so signed.
Page 94 - J has been peaceably and openly enjoyed by any person claiming title thereto as an easement and as of right, without interruption, and for twenty years, the right to such access and use of light or air, way, watercourse, use of water, or other easement, shall be absolute and indefeasible.
Page 74 - One anna, cceding twenty rupees in amount or value, written or signed by or on behalf of, a debtor in order to supply evidence of such debt in any book (other than a banker's pass-book) or on a separate piece of paper when such book or paper is left in the creditor's possession...
Page 87 - In the case of a continuing breach of contract, and in the case of a continuing wrong, independent of contract, a fresh period of limitation begins to run at every moment of the time during which the breach or the wrong, as the case may be, continues.
Page 100 - ... during the continuance of such term, shall be excluded in the computation of the said period of forty years, in case the claim shall within three years next after the end or sooner determination of such term be...
Page 13 - Explanation. — A suit is instituted in ordinary cases when the plaint is presented to the proper officer : in the case of a pauper, when his application for leave to sue as a pauper is...
Page 36 - Notwithstanding anything hereinbefore contained, no suit against a person in whom property has become vested in trust for any specific purpose, or against his legal representatives or assigns (not being assigns for valuable consideration), for the purpose of following in his or their hands such property, or the proceeds thereof, or for an account of such property or proceeds, shall be barred by any length of time.

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