The Infinite Sojourns of Consciousness: none

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AuthorHouse, Oct 1, 2008 - Body, Mind & Spirit - 192 pages

         Traditional ways of thinking do not apply in this story. No true language or personal baggage is recommended on the trip; all that is allowed is your image of true possibilities.

The compelling narrative evolves around the understanding of human emotion from both an individual and collective viewpoint.  The author fervently believes in a creative intelligence and a spiritual realm beyond the physical.

The end result of this rigorous new perspective is this moving volume, which should spark debate and controversy.

The provocative speculations in this work make it essential reading

The never-ending paradox between religion and spiritually and the struggle to justify the excessive price religion has put on its procedure for achieving what it claims to have for sale.

The author has attempted to portray the logic of a Higher Power, and that it has no limitations or personal preferences as to one individual over another, but the connectedness of all that there is, in and of that One Power. 

The author felt the abstract perspective was necessary; also  that in our current state it is very difficult and even more likely, impossible to comprehend even the vastness of our own cosmos much less the range of possibilities beyond our seen universe.

         The goal is in no way to convince or change another’s beliefs, only the better understanding of the Oneness and connectedness of us all, the peace and serenity of what is portrayed as “Heaven” to us all "now".

         The provocative thoughts contained in these pages, cover a wide range of possibilities from both a philosophical and metaphysical perspective. Mind provoking at the least, it creates the need to ponder; if there is a God, would you want to spend eternity with the one you have chosen? 

         Good for the believer and the non-believer alike.

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About the author (2008)

      Kenneth Earl Anderson was born March 6, 1941 in San Diego, Calif.   

I have gone through many years of religious and theological study and have earned and received a Doctorate in Bible studies, a Doctor of Divinity and am an ordained Minister.  Although it may sound, as religion is the center of my life, the truth is I am very anti-religion as the doctrines that are insisted on are all dictated by individuals.     I do very much believe that there is an all encompassing Creative Power that all things are a part of. As you will see in my stories the Infinite part of us is, I believe, capable of anything and we all have made the choices and are standing on the spot we designated whether we believe that or disagree.  That is the only point we can move from and in the direction we choose. 

I have been very happily married for 44 years, and have three daughters, fourteen grandchildren and seven great grandchildren.  

Currently I live in the Solders Grove, Wisconsin.

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